Apr 162019

Jason Scott just posted all of the Infocom source, which is glorious!<ROUTINE GLASS-CASE-F ()         <COND (<VERB? EXAMINE>                <TELL “The ” D ,GLASS-CASE ” is “>                <COND (<FSET? ,GLASS-CASE ,OPENBIT>                       <TELL “open”>)                      (T        …

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Apr 162019

Hours after the ejection of Julian Assange from the London Ecuadorean embassy last week, police officers in Ecuador detained the Swedish citizen and open source developer Ola Bini. They seized him as he prepared to travel from his home in Quito to Japan, claiming that he was attempting to flee the country in the wake of Assange’s arrest. Bini had, in fact, booked the vacation long ago, and had publicly mentioned it on his twitter…

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Apr 162019

Umair Haque (previously) writes about how the last days of the Soviet Union were filled with “forced apathy” (an inability to care about what was going on because just surviving took everything you had) and “self-referentialism” (an obsession with domestic affairs to the exclusion of everything else going on elsewhere in the world)> Haque also remembers those days for the “one party rule” and notes that while the US is dominated by a single party…

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Apr 162019

As was widely expected, the EU Council (made up of representatives of the EU member states) has officially rubber stamped the EU Copyright Directive that the EU Parliament passed a few weeks back. There had been some talk of various countries, such as Sweden, Germany and the UK possibly changing their vote. Sweden, in the end, actually did do so, but to stop the Directive, it was necessary for the UK or Germany to do…

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