Apr 112019

In this, The Year of Our Diplopoda, Two Thousand and Nineteen, I just noticed that the rules that govern mushroom growth in Millipede are literally Conway’s Life.The Archer looked out beyond the horizon. He knew only too well the revengeful signs of his father. “I beseech thee to turn back your rage from the netherworld and stop this onslaught.” As if in laughing response, the ground below him began to tremble. And the day ended…

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Apr 112019

Listen up bitches, it’s time to learn incorrect things about someone you’ve never heard of:I do know this, though: anyone reading who knows anything significant about either Victorian pseudoscience or the life of Charlotte Brontë is very annoyed right now, because all this is so obvious to them, has been covered in so many workshops and seminars, torn apart and examined and understood, and here I am laying it on the table like it’s news…

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Apr 112019

Enlarge (credit: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images) Most of the time, when you talk to an Amazon Echo device, only Amazon’s voice-recognition software is listening. But sometimes, Bloomberg reports, a copy of the audio is sent to a human reviewer at one of several Amazon offices around the world. The human listens to the audio clip, transcribes it, and adds annotations to help Amazon’s algorithms get better. “We take the security and privacy of our customers’ personal…

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