Apr 262019

Enlarge (credit: Elliot Margolies) Recycling sounds great in principle (because it is), but a frustrating number of devils lurk in the details. For example, while some materials like aluminum can readily be melted down and turned right back into new aluminum cans, recovered plastics tend to be lower quality than “virgin” material. That’s because recycled plastic retains some of its previous properties—like Lego bricks that can’t be separated. The next plastic you make won’t be…

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Apr 262019

Price gouging has skyrocketed the price of insulin, forcing folks to ration this lifesaving biologic. CBS News: “Nobody cared or nobody understood that without this next vial of insulin, I wouldn’t live to see another week,” said 28-year-old Kristen Whitney Daniels. She started rationing her insulin after she was kicked off her parents’ insurance plan two years ago. “I can’t really explain how isolating and how terrifying it is,” she said. She’s now a patient…

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