Apr 082019

A public vote on expropriating the big landlords offers Berliners a chance to push down soaring rents. New apartment buildings stand next to a construction site in the eastern part of the city on April 15, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. Sean Gallup / Getty On April 6, tens of thousands of Berliners will demonstrate against soaring rents. With 85 percent of the German capital’s residents renting their homes, protests against real estate speculation and rising…

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Apr 082019

Uber and Lyft have tracked their passengers’ movements for many years. Now New York City tracks those passengers’ movements too. Please do not call what these companies do “sharing”. That is an absurd misnomer.

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Apr 082019

For as long as climate change has been a part of America’s national consciousness, it’s been talked about in dire terms, evoking images of some hellish, Mad Max-style dystopia. The title and much of the content of David Wallace-Wells’s recent book is a variation on the same theme, stirring up hundreds of pages of images worth of an “Uninhabitable Earth” to make the case that the conversation has not been dire enough. In describing the…

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Apr 082019

With around a quarter of a billion monthly users, Reddit is one of the most important sites on the Internet. The site plays host to millions of live discussions on countless topics ranging from the mundane to obviously controversial. Recently we’ve reported on the troubles being faced by /r/piracy, Reddit’s most popular sub-Reddit focused on piracy discussion. In an article published mid-March 2019, we reported how the moderators of the forum were making best efforts…

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