Apr 022019

Techie raises alarm over ‘detention’ after he refused to unlock work laptop, phone Former Mozilla CTO Andreas Gal says he was interrogated for three hours by America’s border cops after arriving at San Francisco airport – because he refused to unlock his work laptop and phone.…

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Apr 022019

One DNA-matching company has decided it’s going to corner an under-served market: US law enforcement. FamilyTreeDNA — last seen here opening up its database to the FBI without informing its users first — is actively pitching its services to law enforcement. The television spot, to air in San Diego first, asks anyone who has had a direct-to-consumer DNA test from another company, like 23andMe or Ancestry.com, to upload a copy so that law enforcement can…

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Apr 022019

Back to the PG I’m very excited to become a 2ndQuadrant member.  I was involved in PostgreSQL activities in NTT group (Japanese leading ICT company, see here and here), including log shipping replication and PostgreSQL scale out solution as PostgresXC and PostgresXL. At NTT I had several chances to work very closely with 2ndQuadrant.  After three years involvement in deep learning and accelerator usage in various applications I’m now back to PostgreSQL world.  And I’m still very interested…

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