Apr 172019

As one of the oldest torrent communities, the Demonoid tracker has gone through many ups and downs over the years. The site has disappeared for months, more than once, but always reappeared. Early last year things were looking quite positive for the site. Founder and operator ‘Deimos’ was committed to rebuilding the site back to the thriving community it once was, but at the end of the summer new problems emerged. Initially, there were some…

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Apr 172019

Last week, fans of cool astronomical phenomena (read: almost everyone) rejoiced as an international team of scientists released the first ever image of a black hole. For the astrophysicists, software engineers, philosophers, and mathematicians who worked on the Event Horizon Telescope that captured the image, the announcement was an unprecedented milestone. Their excitement was perhaps best embodied by a photo of one computer scientist on the Event Horizon Telescope team, Katie Bouman, who hid her…

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Apr 172019

HR 51, the bill in the U.S. House to make the District of Columbia a state, now has 203 co-sponsors. It has gained two co-sponsors so far in April. By contrast, HR 1965, the bill Puerto Rico statehood bill introduced by Congressman Darren Soto, only has one co-sponsor. HR 1681, the ballot access bill introduced by Congressman Justin Amash, has no co-sponsors. HJR 7, the bill to abolish the electoral college, only has seven co-sponsors.

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Apr 172019

A handful of Motel 6 owners and operators suddenly decided the best use of their guest info was as fodder for law enforcement agencies. In Connecticut, a Motel 6 just decided to start faxing its guest list over to the local cop shop every night. After this questionable practice was made public, the PD announced it never asked for this info and was going to route it right into the shredder going forward. Other Motel…

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