Jun 252023

The changes at TCM have provoked an outpouring of criticism and opposition on social media, including from various prominent Hollywood filmmakers.

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Jun 232023

Over on the Software Freedom Conservancy blog, Policy Fellow and Hacker-in-Residence Bradley M. Kuhn analyzes the recent changes to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) source availability in light of the GPL. It contains some interesting information about two alleged GPL violations that came about because the company’s business model is structured in a way that brings it too close to non-compliance with the license, he said:

Perhaps the biggest problem with a murky business model that skirts the line of GPL compliance is that violations can and do happen — since even a minor deviation from the business model clearly violates the GPL agreements. Pre-IBM Red Hat deserves a certain amount of credit, as SFC is aware…

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Jun 162023

In my recent post about data archiving to removable media, I laid out the difference between backing up and archiving, and also said I’d evaluate git-annex and dar. This post evaluates git-annex. The next will look at dar, and then I’ll make a comparison post.
What is git-annex?
git-annex is a fantastic and versatile program that does… well, it’s one of those things that can do so much that it’s a bit hard to describe. Its homepage says:
git-annex allows managing large files with git, without storing the file contents in git. It can sync, backup, and archive your data, offline and online. Checksums and encryption keep your data safe and secure. Bring the power and distributed nature of…

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Jun 142023

More than 300 subreddits, including popular ones like r/aww, r/music r/videos, and r/futurology, plan to go dark indefinitely after a large protest against Reddit’s API changes ends on June 14. This means users won’t be able to access these communities during this blackout.
This step was announced after The Verge reported that in an internal memo, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman said “Like all blowups on Reddit, this one will pass as well”. Huffman said in the memo that the blackout hasn’t caused any significant impact on the company’s revenue.
Over the last few days, (June 12-14) thousands of subreddits have gone dark to protest API changes by the platform that will potentially shut down many third-party apps. Because…

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Jun 142023

The spread between loan interest rates and deposit rates is at a record high, allowing big banks to make out like bandits while consumers miss out on hundreds of billions of dollars in potential savings.
The JPMorgan Chase logo is seen at its headquarters building on May 26, 2023 in New York City. (Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images) It is easier to rob by setting up a bank than by holding up a bank clerk.
-Bertolt Brecht
The last time you checked your bank statement, did you take a moment to look at the fine print that shows the interest rate you are being paid on your deposits? If you did, you…

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Jun 142023

Enlarge (credit: Anjali Nair; Getty Images)
On a Wednesday morning in May, Hannah got a call from her lawyer—there was a warrant out for her husband’s arrest. Her thoughts went straight to her kids. They were going to come home from school and their father would be gone. “It burned me,” Hannah says, her voice breaking. “He hasn’t done anything to get his bond revoked, and they couldn’t prove he had.”
Hannah’s husband is now awaiting trial in jail, in part because of an anti-pornography app called Covenant Eyes. The company explicitly says the app is not meant for use in criminal proceedings, but the probation department in Indiana’s Monroe County has been using…

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Jun 142023

Amazon and coffee retailer Starbucks are being sued in U.S. federal district court for misusing customers’ biometric identifiers. The proposed class action (2:23-cv-00852) has been filed in the Western District Court of Washington. The named plaintiffs, Suzanne Mallouk, Alfredo Rodriguez Perez and Arjun Dhawan, claim their privacy rights were violated when visiting New York City stores that used Amazon’s One palm biometric scanners. (The trio had filed separate cases but joined their claims in the state of Washington, which is home to both defendants.) No specific sum is sought in the trial. Biometric authentication as a method of payment at Amazon’s Go stores was introduced in New York City in 2019. One scanners have since…

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Jun 142023

Strike 3 Holdings has been a familiar name in U.S. federal courts for a while now.
Last year, the adult entertainment company filed a record-breaking number of lawsuits against alleged BitTorrent pirates.
The company is keeping up this pace in 2023, averaging dozens of lawsuits per week. Most of these are never mentioned in the press and a large number are settled behind closed doors.
Every now and then, an accused Internet subscriber objects, but these cases rarely go to trial. According to some, the lawsuits’ main objective is to collect settlement payments and default judgments.
Motion to Quash
This line of reasoning was also brought up by a “John Doe” defendant whose IP address was targeted in…

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Jun 142023

Story after story after story has showcased how the intentionally convoluted adtech and data broker market sloppily traffics in all manner of sensitive consumer data, whether it’s your daily physical movements (say, the last time you visited an abortion clinic), your granular browsing habits, your medical history, your household energy use patterns, or even your mental health data.
This massive trove of data is then used to categorize and classify Americans on an increasingly complicated array of criteria in a bid to sling ads and sell products online. Companies collect way more consumer data than is needed, it’s simply not secured in any competent way, and while adtech brokers will happily claim they “anonymize” this data to protect consumer privacy, study after…

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Jun 112023

Debian v12 with codename bookworm was released as new stable release on 10th of June 2023. Similar to what we had with #newinbullseye and previous releases, now it’s time for #newinbookworm!
I was the driving force at several of my customers to be well prepared for bookworm. As usual with major upgrades, there are some things to be aware of, and hereby I’m starting my public notes on bookworm that might be worth also for other folks. My focus is primarily on server systems and looking at things from a sysadmin perspective.
Further readings
As usual start at the official Debian release notes, make sure to especially go through What’s new in Debian 12 + Issues to be…

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Jun 102023

With an estimated 2.5 billion users overall and around 120 million users active daily, YouTube is an entertainment powerhouse and a globally-recognized brand.
Premium products aside, YouTube is free to use. But with around a billion hours of content consumed every day, YouTube has to find ways to make that pay.
The most visible cost to the user is advertising, lots and lots of advertising. Less visible costs include significant user tracking, with an average of seven trackers per YouTube page, according to WhoTracksMe data.
With a growing subset of YouTube’s users becoming more aware of how the platform is monetized, YouTube appears to be paying greater attention to those with a preference to opt out, whether that’s…

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Jun 102023

“After 1 year, 9 months, and 28 days of development”, Debian 12, codenamed “bookworm”, has been released. The announcement has lots of details about package versions for desktop environments (6 are supported), kernel version (Linux 6.1 series), other package versions (compilers, graphics tools, office suites, languages, and more), architectures supported (8 for real hardware and 5 for cloud services), blends, and lots more.

This release contains over 11,089 new packages for a total count of 64,419 packages, while over 6,296 packages have been removed as “obsolete”. 43,254 packages were updated in this release. The overall disk usage for “bookworm” is 365,016,420 kB (365 GB), and is made up of 1,341,564,204 lines of code.
“bookworm” has more translated man pages than ever thanks…

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Jun 102023

Copilot code-cloning case clarifies claims

GitHub is alleged to have tuned its Copilot programming assistant to generate slight variations of ingested training code to prevent output from being flagged as a direct copy of licensed software.…

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Jun 092023

Two third-party Reddit apps have thrown in the towel over increased expenses

Social media community Reddit plans to lay off about 90 employees, amounting to about five percent of its 2,000-person staff.…

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Jun 092023

Amy Goodman interviewed Cornel West on June 7. She asked him why he is seeking the nomination of the Peoples Party, when the Green Party has far superior ballot access. West responded by mentioning his love for the Green Party, and then he added, “It would be nice if we had even a coming together.” See here. That quote is toward the end of the interview.

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Jun 082023

The ruling elites through their corrupt media outlets are attempting to destroy Waters and intimidate other artists, performers and intellectuals from speaking out. This is a desperate and systematic attack on freedom of speech and artistic expression.

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Jun 072023

In a victory for transparency in police use of facial recognition, a New Jersey appellate court today ruled that state prosecutors—who charged a man for armed robbery after the technology showed he was a “possible match” for the suspect—must turn over to the defendant detailed information about the face scanning software used, including how it works, source code, and its error rate.Calling facial recognition “a novel and untested technology,” the court in State of New Jersey v. Francisco Arteaga held that the defendant would be deprived of due process rights unless he could access the raw materials police used to identify him and test its reliability to build a defense. The inner workings of the facial…

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Jun 062023

Enlarge / The Reddit iOS app icon. (credit: Getty Images | Yuriko Nakao )
Reddit is getting ready to slap third-pary apps with millions of dollars in API fees, and many Reddit users are unhappy about it. A widespread protest is planned for June 12, with hundreds of subreddits planning to go dark for 48 hours.
Reddit started life as a geeky site, but as it has aged, it has been trying to work more like a traditional social network. Part of that push included the development of a first-party app for mobile devices, but the 17-year-old site only launched an official app in 2016. Before then, it was up to third-party apps to…

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Jun 062023

Public housing officials around the world using biometric surveillance is largely the same as police using it except in one respect – the people being surveilled in public housing are virtually all poor. That makes any use of facial recognition in subsidized housing unacceptable, if not always by residents themselves then by advocates of the underprivileged. A pair of United States Representatives, Maxine Waters from California and Ayanna Pressley from the state of Massachusetts, have issued a statement saying biometric surveillance does not increase “stability and fairness” in public housing. They sent the statement to Marcia Fudge, secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, asking her to prohibit facial recognition in public housing….

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Jun 052023

There’s no way for me to know where your awareness starts with all this, so let’s just start at the beginning. Computer Shopper was a hell of a magazine. I wrote a whole essay about it, which can be summarized as “this magazine got to be very large, very extensive, and probably served as the unofficial ‘bible’ of the state of hardware and software to the general public throughout the 1980s and 1990s.” While it was just a pleasant little computer tabloid when it started in 1979, it quickly grew to a page count that most reasonable people would define as “intimidating”. In a world that saw hundreds of magazines and thousands of newsletters come…

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