Jun 022023

Here is the text of a written letter that has just been sent to all subscribers to the print edition of Ballot Access News:
“Dear subscriber, I write this letter with mixed emotions of joy and a tinge of sadness. After four decades of dedicated work as the founder and editor of Ballot Access News, I’ve decided it’s time for me to step down.
“I’m happy to say that since 1985, when Ballot Access News began, most states have improved their ballot access laws. The number of signatures to get on the ballot for president, for example (for candidates running outside the major parties) has dropped. In 1988 it was 609,048 signatures, but in 2020 it was 568,689….

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Jun 022023

I’m calling time on DNSSEC. Last week, prompted by a change in my DNS hosting setup, I began removing it from the few personal zones I had signed. Then this Monday the .nz ccTLD experienced a multi-day availability incident triggered by the annual DNSSEC key rotation process. This incident broke several of my unsigned zones, which led me to say very unkind things about DNSSEC on Mastodon and now I feel compelled to more completely explain my thinking:
For almost all domains and use-cases, the costs and risks of deploying DNSSEC outweigh the benefits it provides. Don’t bother signing your zones.
The .nz incident, while topical, is not the motivation or the trigger for this conclusion. Had…

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Jun 022023

The latest evidence that Section 702 of the Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Act (FISA) must be ended or drastically reformed came last month in the form of a newly unsealed order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) detailing massive violations of Americans’ privacy by the FBI.
The FISC order is replete with problems. It describes the government’s repeated, widespread violations—over a seven-year period—of procedures for searching its databases of internet communications involving Americans, all without a warrant. These searches included especially sensitive people and groups, including donors to a political campaign. And it shows the FISC giving the FBI all-but-endless do-overs, each time proclaiming that the executive branch has made “promising” steps toward compliance with procedures that…

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Jun 022023

Just when we didn’t think the state of Texas could get any more wacko on tech policy, this latest bill really suggests otherwise. House Bill 1181 is an age verification measure that is similar to what we’ve seen in the state legislatures across other red U.S. states.
You have an age verification proposal that is similar to Louisiana Act 440 and Utah’s Senate Bill 287 – all porn sites with users from these states must have a government ID or a credit card in order to verify age in order to watch age-restricted content. But, the bill itself takes an extreme turn in the guise of protecting the general public’s health.
House Bill 1181, introduced by a team of anti-porn legislators,…

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