Jan 162022

Moleskine, manufacturer of popular notebooks, calendars, and sketchbooks, seems to think Taiwain sank to the bottom of the ocean or something. In 2019 its notebooks indicated Taiwan’s public holidays along with those of 43 other countries. In 2020 it started referring to the country as “Taiwan (Prov. — Read the rest

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Jan 162022

In October 2020, the RIAA caused outrage by taking down YouTube-ripping tool youtube-dl from GitHub.
The RIAA cited the anti-circumvention provisions of the DMCA, claiming that the tool could be used to download their artists’ musical works from YouTube, in breach of copyright.
With little supporting case law in the United States, the RIAA referenced a decision from the Hamburg Regional Court in a similar case, which found that YouTube’s “rolling cipher” should be considered an effective technological protection measure under EU law. Any attempt to circumvent it, therefore, would amount to infringement.
Nevertheless, GitHub later restored the software and placed $1m in a takedown defense fund.
Threats Were Also Sent to Others
While the RIAA’s effort to take down…

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Jan 162022

Time to back up those PDFs you’ve been hoarding

Worrying changes are afoot for e-comics vendor ComiXology as Amazon finally gets round to asserting copy control – meaning no more downloads of unprotected comics, even if you’ve paid for them.…

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Jan 162022

I previously wrote about the issue of swap potentially breaking SSD [1]. My conclusion was that swap wouldn’t be a problem as no normally operating systems that I run had swap using any significant fraction of total disk writes. In that post the most writes I could see was 128GB written per day on a 120G Intel SSD (writing the entire device once a day).
My post about swap and SSD was based on the assumption that you could get many thousands of writes to the entire device which was incorrect. Here’s a background on the terminology from WD [2]. So in the case of the 120G Intel SSD I was doing over 1 DWPD (Drive Writes…

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