Jan 072022

For the past few days, the IT news has been abuzz with announcements from CES. As usual, I’m following them on Engadget. I must admit, that there were just a very few announcements which really caught my attention. And my favorite announcement is the most boring of them all 🙂

Foldable tablet by ASUS: I still use my Google Pixel C tablet almost every day. It’s almost six years old and waiting for replacement. The ASUS tablet is larger and has more accurate colors, two features for the photography maniac in me. Being folded gives it a more book-like feeling when using it for reading. It also has an optional keyboard accesory, just like the Pixel C,…

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Jan 072022

Starbucks baristas at the coffee giant’s first unionized cafe in the country walked off the job on Wednesday to demand greater COVID-19 protections. Late Wednesday, the Starbucks workers sent a letter to their district manager stating their demands. “We, the undersigned partners at Elmwood Starbucks, are on strike due to concerns over Covid safety protocols,” the letter, obtained by Motherboard, states. “We believe that Starbucks should close our store and pay our partners until we can re-open safely and fully staffed, with those who have been exposed having the opportunity to isolate and stop the spread.” The strike comes about a barista tested positive for COVID-19 at the newly unionized location—and roughly 10 others who were…

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Jan 072022

It’s been one year since supporters of then-President Donald Trump breached the U.S. Capitol in an effort to overturn his 2020 election loss, and pretty much everyone has thoughts about it. The Onion sifts through the many Jan. 6 essays published by lesser news organizations to find the smartest and most worthwhile…

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