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The date is now Friday, March 671st, 2020.”Happy” “New” Year.

perl -e 'use Date::Parse; use POSIX; my @t = localtime; print strftime ("%a Mar ", @t) . int (1 + 0.5 + ((str2time (strftime ("%Y-%m-%d 3:00", @t)) - str2time ("2020-03-01 3:00")) /(60*60*24))) . strftime (" %X %Z 2020\n", @t);'

Fri Mar 671 13:41:08 PST 2020

Previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously, previously.

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Jan 022022

On December 30, the Oregon Supreme Court issued a one-paragraph opinion, upholding a decision of the State Court of Appeals that signatures of persons on the inactive voter list are not valid. Whitehead v Fagan, S068382.
The decision relates to whether a statewide initiative, Petition 50, should be on the ballot. It had enough valid signatures if inactive voters counted, but now it won’t appear on the ballot. The subject of the initiative is for a carbon-free economy by the year 2050.
The decision seems irrational. The reason voters are transferred to the inactive list is that the post office has indicated the person has moved and has not re-registered at the new address. But when such a…

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Jan 022022

Delta has jumped on the CDC’s truncation of the recommended isolation
, and gone even further.

Some workers will be sick enough that they shouldn’t or can’t work
after 5 days. Indeed, some of them may stay sick for weeks.

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