Jan 212022

When the pandemic hit, real estate firms gladly took government assistance to keep their businesses afloat as they faced financial hardships. Then they turned around and evicted scores of tenants enduring the same COVID-induced difficulties.

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Jan 212022

John D. Cook has a useful post on using “corner quotes” (⌜ ⌟) to delimit regular expressions in text. As Cook says, it makes a lot of sense especially when the regular expression begins or ends with a space. Cook’s port deals with using Unicode for the corner quotes but it’s also easy to do in Emacs.
In vanilla Emacs, the way to do it is to specify TOP LEFT CORNER and BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER with insert-char through the Ctrl+x 8 binding. If you have Ivy installed, you can also use the lceil and rfloor entities through ivy-insert-org-entity a handy function that I stole from John Kitchin’s Scimax.

(defun ivy-insert-org-entity () “Insert an org-entity using ivy.” (interactive) (ivy-read…

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Jan 212022

On January 19, the North Carolina legislature passed HB 605, which moves the 2022 primary from May 17 to June 7. If the bill becomes law, that would also give independent candidates more time to petition. Independent candidate petitions in … Continue reading

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Jan 212022

This Sunday, January 23rd, is RCV Day (Get it? It’s 1/23)! In states all over the country, people will be mobilizing to spread the word about ranked choice voting. FairVote and Rank The Vote – a national grassroots organizing group – are collaborating to coordinate these efforts nationwide. Check out the events detailed below to learn more about some of the creative ways organizations are spreading the word about RCV and ways to get involved in your state!
“Beer Elections” are a fun way to introduce ranked choice voting to people who are unfamiliar, and allow them to experience RCV in action. Rank the Vote Delaware is hosting beer elections at local breweries where participants will be…

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