Jan 042022

Ping-pong balls have many uses: apart from playing table tennis, they have been used for countless art projects, science experiments, and even to raise ships from the bottom of the ocean. As it turns out, they also come in handy as diffusers for LED pixels, allowing the construction of large-size displays without requiring large individual LEDs.
[david] designed an LED ping-pong ball display using 3D printed components, which allows for the construction of arbitrarily-large LED displays thanks to a strictly modular design. The basic unit is a small piece that holds a single LED module and has a cup-like structure for attaching a standard table tennis ball. Twenty-five of these basic units combine together into a panel…

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Jan 042022

While most Linux gamers are making use of DXVK these days for efficiently mapping Direct3D 9/10/11 over Vulkan when running Wine/Proton for enjoying Windows games on Linux, Wine developers still maintain WineD3D for going from Direct3D to OpenGL for cross-platform compatibility. Out today is a new patch series improving the WineD3D performance…

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Jan 042022

People have been stranded on a Virginia interstate for almost 24 hours after a blizzard, and many are still there as of Tuesday morning.  Six tractor trailers crashed along the I-95 roadway on Monday afternoon, according to the Associated Press, and the foot of snow that fell in some places, plus ice on the roads, made it nearly impossible to clear the path for traffic to get through. About 400,000 people lost power in Fredericksburg, Virginia near the backup, making it even harder for transportation authorities to reach people. I-95 has been stalled in both directions from Ruther Glen, Virginia, in Caroline County and Dumfries in Prince William County, a 50-mile stretch. Some drivers reported on…

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Jan 042022

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 20-odd years, you will have come across The Matrix series of movies, and the cool green ‘digital rain’ effect used frequently. This inspired [Oli Wright] to wonder what it would look like if instead of running the animation on a modern display, using a digitally produced phosphor persistence effect, it was implemented on some retro PC hardware, using an actual high-persistence phosphor Green Monochrome monitor. (Video embedded, below) As luck would have it, [Oli] owns a 40-year-old IBM PC 5150 as well as the matching IBM 5151 monitor, so it was a simple matter to implement the effect in 8088 assembler to create falling sequences of…

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