Oct 222020

Massive public records request reveals scale of warrantless surveillance Never mind the Feds. American police forces routinely “circumvent most security features” in smartphones to extract mountains of personal information, according to a report that details the massive, ubiquitous cracking of devices by cops.…

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Oct 222020

Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson / Getty Images) Streaming platform Twitch this week surprised many of its users when it sent out a huge batch of copyright takedown emails. These messages not only didn’t tell streamers what supposedly infringing content they posted, but it also said that Twitch had simply deleted content outright without giving users a chance to appeal. Many Twitch “partners”—the folks who make actual money from their Twitch participation—received emails on Tuesday warning…

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Oct 222020

It’s rare to get a look at something soft and fleshy on a dinosaur…as your mom well knows. On the fossil, just below the tail, the butthole appears as a “blackish mottled ovoid area,” the paleontologists write. To the naked eye, the spot looks like a series of dark, stacked bands running between the base of the tail and hip bones, clearly different from the skin around it. […]Bird cloacae are round or square and…

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