Oct 022020

David Murray, known as “the 8-Bit Guy” on his popular YouTube channel where he restores and explores retro technology, usually makes lighthearted, non-controversial videos about things like old-school chiptune music and MS-DOS games. But Murray—in the view of vintage computer enthusiasts—rushed a recent repair and damaged a rare computer. In part because of this “computer abuse,” some of Murray’s viewers have delved deep into political beliefs he espoused in the early days of his YouTube…

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Oct 022020

tl;dr: Do not configure Mailman to replace the mail domains in From: headers. Instead, try out my small new program which can make your Mailman transparent, so that DKIM signatures survive. Background and narrative DKIM NB: This explanation is going to be somewhat simplified. I am going to gloss over some details and make some slightly approximate statements. DKIM is a new anti-spoofing mechanism for Internet email, intended to help fight spam. DKIM, paired with…

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