Oct 312020

In the final days of the election, the Democratic Party and its affiliates are going all out to insist that workers and youth opposed to Trump must subordinate their struggles to electing Biden.

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Oct 312020

It wouldn’t be October without Halloween, and it wouldn’t be Halloween without some spooky music. There’s no instrument spookier than a Theremin, which also happens to be one of the world’s first electronic instruments. Leon Theremin plays his namesake instrument. Image via Linda Hall Library You’ve no doubt heard the eerie, otherworldly tones of the Theremin in various 1950s sci-fi films, or heard the instrument’s one-of-a-kind cousin, the Electro-Theremin in “Good Vibrations” by the Beach…

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Oct 312020

On Tuesday, voters in Massachusetts will have the chance to pass Question 2, which will produce Ranked Choice Voting for most state and federal offices. That reform will give voters the chance to rank their preferences when casting their ballot for candidates — an opportunity which is especially important when more than two candidates are running. In this year’s primary in the Fourth Congressional District, for example, there were nine candidates competing to become the Democratic nominee.…

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