Oct 032020

On April 11, 1969, the BBC aired “The Violent Universe,” a science documentary starring the great Carl Sagan, then 34 years old. This was three months before the first moon landing and 11 years before Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. — Read the rest

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Oct 032020

Early on October 2, President Trump announced that he and his wife have tested positive for COVID. It is conceivable that he will wish to resign as the Republican presidential nominee, but at least some of the ballots have been printed in all states. Hundreds of thousands of votes have already been cast. It is important to remember that only twelve states have laws that presidential electors who vote “faithlessly” are replaced on the spot…

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Oct 032020

The dangerous EARN IT Act passed the Senate Judiciary Committee last month, and now it’s been introduced in the House of Representatives. Take Action Tell Congress to Reject the Earn It Act We need your help to stop this anti-speech, anti-security bill. Email your elected officials in both chambers of Congress today and ask them to publicly oppose the EARN IT Act. The EARN IT Act would allow all 50 state legislatures, as well as…

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Oct 032020

President Trump has coronavirus, a disease that has killed more than 205,000 people in the United States on his watch. He is widely reviled by roughly half the country on account of his often negligent and sometimes cruel policies on the pandemic, social justice, and immigration, among others. Some unknowable percentage of those people want him to die from the disease, and more than a handful of them have already explicitly said they hope the…

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