Oct 112020

Postgres is an amazing RDBMS implementation. Postgres is open source and it’s one of the most standard-compliant SQL implementations that you will find (if not the most compliant.) Postgres is packed with extensions to the standard, and it makes writing and deploying your applications simple and easy. After all, Postgres has your back and manages all the complexities of concurrent transactions for you. In this post I am excited to announce that a new version…

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Oct 112020

I am an accidental DBA, with a huge emphasis on “accidental.” I came to PostgreSQL as an application developer who really liked to program with SQL and use the database to help solve my problems. Nonetheless, these systems would enter into production, and as such I had to learn to support them. PostgreSQL monitoring and performance optimization is a vast topic. In fact, I’ll read content like what my colleague Greg Smith wrote on benchmarking…

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Oct 112020

Here is a link to the three-hour minor party presidential debate held in Denver on the evening of October 8. It lasts three hours and included the presidential nominees of the Green, Constitution, Socialism & Liberation, and American Solidarity Parties, … Continue reading →

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Oct 112020

By the time she was standing in front of the federal courthouse on Lownsdale Square on the night of July 25, Olivia Katbi Smith had already been exposed to tear gas several times. On those previous occasions during the Black Lives Matter protests in Portland, Oregon, this summer, being gassed had been very unpleasant: leaving her coughing and making her eyes and nose run and sting. But this time, standing about 30 feet from the…

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