Jan 122019

Law Professor Nicholas Stephanopoulos here analyzes the part of H.R. 1 that requires all states to use nonpartisan methods to draw U.S. House boundaries. H.R. 1 is the bill introduced in the U.S. House and supported generally by Democrats in the House. The text of the bill is still not on the web page for Congress, but it should be shortly. Stephanopoulos supports the part of the bill concerning gerrymandering, but he has some suggestions…

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Jan 122019

What is the role of PgBouncer in a Postgres High Availability stack? What even is PgBouncer at the end of the day? Is it a glorified traffic cop, or an integral component critical to the long-term survival of a Postgres deployment? When we talk about Postgres High Availability, a lot of terms might spring to mind. Replicas, streaming, disaster recovery, fail-over, automation; it’s a ceaseless litany of architectural concepts and methodologies. The real question is:…

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Jan 122019

Bird Scooter tried to censor a Boing Boing post. So that’s going well:Last month, I published a post discussing the mountains of abandoned Bird Scooters piling up in city impound lots, and the rise of $30 Chinese conversion kits that let you buy a scooter at auction, swap out the motherboard, and turn it into a personal scooter, untethered from the Bird company.In response, Bird sent us a legal threat of such absurdity that we…

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