Jan 272019

Here at Hackaday, we love knobs and buttons. So what could be better than one button? How about 16! No deep philosophy about the true nature of Making here; [infovore], [tehn], and [shellfritsch] put together a very slick, very adaptable bank of 16 analog faders for controlling music synthesis. If you don’t recognize those names it might help to mention that [tehn] is one of the folks behind monome, a company built on their iconic grid…

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Jan 272019

French cities are collaborating with companies to combine data about people from every possible source. If the GDPR do not prohibit this, they are a joke. They aim to detect and use “weak signals”, which means collecting lots of personal data, looking for barely detectable patterns, and acting on unreliable conclusions.

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Jan 272019

In Bringing people back to the open web Chris states: But most users don’t care about the principles or implementation of an open web, at least not in those terms. Most people don’t see themselves as ever having left the open web behind, and if you told them to try to get back to it, they wouldn’t know what to do or why it was worthwhile. No matter how much it might be in their long-term self…

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Jan 272019

The Open Web Platform is a careful and fragile construction billions of people, including millions of implementors rely on. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, the Document Object Model, the Web API and more are all standardized one way or another; that means vendors and stakeholders gather around a table to discuss all changes and that these changes must pass quality and/or availability criteria to be considered “shippable”. One notable absent from the list of Web Standards is…

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