Jan 262019

Use this link to listen to the oral argument in Baca v Williams in the Tenth Circuit, held Thursday, January 24. This is the case over whether the Colorado Secretary of State had the authority to “fire” a presidential elector who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton, and to replace him with someone else. The argument is 33 minutes long and is fascinating for anyone who is interested in the electoral college. The attorney for…

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Jan 262019

My homebrewing frequency has taken a nosedive recently (surprise), but I still try to find time to brew a weird batch when I can. In August, when Scott and I drove to pick-up our first hop order in western Maryland, I noticed that Staghorn Sumac was in full bloom along I-270 . I’d read about flavoring beer with it in The Homebrewer’s Almanac, but never actually tasted a beer brewed with it. Sumac is tart…

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Jan 262019

Regular Internet providers are being put under increasing pressure for not doing enough to curb copyright infringement. Music rights company BMG got the ball rolling a few years ago when it won its piracy liability lawsuit against Cox. Following this defeat, several major record labels including Capitol Records, Warner Bros, and Sony Music filed a lawsuit in a Texas District Court. With help from the RIAA, they sued ISP Grande Communications for allegedly turning a blind…

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Jan 262019

In 1954, Eduardo Catalano designed perhaps the most stunning example of Modernist architecture in the state of North Carolina, the hyperbolic paraboloid wonder known as the Catalano House. It was a work that appeared more like origami than architecture.More than 50 years later, in 2007, semiretired executive trainer George Smart had been online one night researching design ideas for a new home he wanted to have built for his family in Raleigh, where he was…

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Jan 262019

Today the Illinois Supreme Court ruled unanimously that when companies collect biometric data like fingerprints or face prints without informed opt-in consent, they can be sued. Users don’t need to prove an injury like identity fraud or physical harm—just losing control of one’s biometric privacy is injury enough. In Rosenbach v. Six Flags, a 14 year old brought a challenge against an amusement park for collecting his thumbprint without his informed consent, in violation of…

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