Jan 012019

Pg_upgrade has matured to become a popular method to perform major version upgrades. This email thread considers what better upgrades would look like. Options include: Migrating analyze statistics Logical replication (requires double the disk space, managing schema changes) Multi-master replication (similar to previous, but also requires conflict resolution) Allowing the new server to read the old server’s data files Upgrade improvements have to be either significantly better in one of these measurements: faster, easier, more…

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Jan 012019

Writing device drivers is always a good start for a journey into the Linux kernel code. Of course, the kernel is a highly complex piece of software, and if you mess up your code properly, you might take down the entire system with you. User-space drivers on the other hand might not look as good on your CV, but they can help to work around some of the dangers and complexity of the kernel space.…

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