Oct 242023

Perception matters more than reality, especially when your budget is on the line.
Law enforcement agencies like to portray criminal activity as constantly rising, especially now that they’re facing additional scrutiny and the occasional so-called “defunding” effort. It’s a weird way to handle (government) business. On one hand, the cops claim rising crime necessitates more funding. On the other hand, an endlessly escalating crime rate tends to demonstrate cops aren’t an effective solution to the problem.
Portraying America as crime-ridden has worked out well for most law enforcement agencies. The tough questions are almost never asked by local legislators who tend to give cops whatever they want, rather than risk being perceived as “soft” on crime.
These efforts…

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Oct 222023

Intel, Siemens, Google, Meta, and Stripe among event walkouts

Meta and Stripe have joined Google, Intel, and Siemens in a growing boycott of next month’s Web Summit in Lisbon after the event’s chief executive compared Israel’s actions in response to attacks by Hamas as “war crimes.”…

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Oct 222023

My final Medium column.

Just as important as what a regulation says is who it applies to.
Take financial regulation. A great idea! American could use some. But — as the cryptocurrency world forcibly reminded us — it’s not always easy to figure out when someone is doing something “financial.”
So let’s come up with a test. Here’s one: “If a transaction involves a million dollars or more, financial regulations apply to it.” Not every million-dollar transaction is “financial” but there are few enough of these that filing the “worth a million bucks, but not financial” paperwork for them won’t be a huge deal. Besides, anyone moving a million dollars around can afford professional help in navigating the paperwork.

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Oct 202023

A digital rights organization says the popular view of biometric identification and surveillance is backward and the result is the commodification of people for government control and business profit. Access Now, which is particularly focused on the impact of AI on economically disadvantaged communities, has published a report with what it sees as unnecessary risks of biometrics-based tools. Instead of viewing the tools as mere collection systems, executives with Access Now see algorithms as programmed categorizers. They impose a desired order on what is by definition a spectrum of qualities, behaviors, reactions and identities. Biometric systems “are used to create baselines of what constitute ‘normal’ behaviors and bodies,’ ” according to the report. This “further…

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Oct 192023

Suggests bodycam footage should replace paperwork for simple arrests

San Francisco’s mayor, London Breed, has proposed drone surveillance and cameras on public buildings to curb the city’s crime problems.…

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Oct 142023

Enlarge / Surveying the atmospheres of planets beyond the solar system, such as those in the TRAPPIST-1 system (artist’s concept of four of the system’s seven planets shown), could turn up interesting molecules that might indicate life. But ruling out false positives will be a challenge. (credit: ADAPTED FROM NASA / JPL-CALTECH / R. HURT, T. PYLE (IPAC))
In June, astronomers reported a disappointing discovery: The James Webb Space Telescope failed to find a thick atmosphere around the rocky planet TRAPPIST-1 C, an exoplanet in one of the most tantalizing planetary systems in the search for alien life.
The finding follows similar news regarding neighboring planet TRAPPIST-1 B, another planet in the TRAPPIST-1 system….

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Oct 132023

This report [PDF], obtained by the newly-formed 404 Media, contains a lot of what we know, some of what we don’t know, and confirms a lot of suspicions.
The reliance on data brokers for cell location data very likely predates the Supreme Court’s 2018 Carpenter decision. But it’s safe to assume this market really took off following that decision. Prior to that, law enforcement needed, at best, a subpoena, to obtain a wealth of historical cell location data.
That decision erected some privacy protections for cell site location info. But the finding was limited to large quantities of historical data. And it had nothing to say at all about obtaining this information from third-parties-once-removed: i.e., data brokers collecting…

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Oct 132023

New York Attorney General Letitia James, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, State Senator Andrew Gounardes, and Assemblymember Nily Rozic announced two new bills aimed at protecting minors online. The New York Child Data Protection Act will prohibit all online sites from collecting, using, sharing, or selling personal data of anyone under the age of 18 for advertising unless they receive informed consent or unless doing so is strictly necessary for the website. For minors under 13, this informed consent must come from a parent. How to determine the age of the person interacting with the website or platform is not specified, however. Options include collecting personal information for age verification, or performing age estimation based…

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Oct 132023

GAZA CITY, GAZA—The complicity of each and every Palestinian in the violent actions of their militant ruling authority was reportedly on full display Friday morning when dying Gazans received justified criticism for not using their last words to condemn Hamas. For example, instead of issuing a full-throated…

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Oct 132023

The InterPlanetary File System, more broadly known as IPFS, has been around for the past eight years.
While the name may sound otherworldly to the public at large, the peer-to-peer file storage network has a growing user base among the tech-savvy.
In short, IPFS is a decentralized network where users make files available to each other. The system makes websites censorship resistant and not vulnerable to regular hosting outages.
These advantages allow archivists, content creators, researchers, and many others to reliably distribute large volumes of data over the Internet. These same features also appeal to pirate sites, and several have actively started to embrace the technology to bypass censors.
Publishers Share IPFS Concerns
This week, IPFS was repeatedly mentioned by…

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Oct 122023

57 flights past expected lifetime and still improving

NASA has scheduled the 62nd flight of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter and given it the job of achieving a new speed record for rotorcraft on Mars.…

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Oct 052023

Learn about pg_stat_io‘s debugging power: PostgreSQL 16 blesses users around the world with many features which ensure an even better user experience. One of those features is a system view called pg_stat_io. It offers deep insights into the I/O behavior of your PostgreSQL database server. From PostgreSQL 16 onward, it will make it far easier to debug and assess performance-related problems.
So, let us waste no time and dive into this wonderful feature.
pg_stat_io: Debugging I/O in PostgreSQL
The following listing shows us what the pg_stat_io view looks like:

blog=# \d pg_stat_io View “pg_catalog.pg_stat_io” Column | Type | Collation | Nullable | Default —————-+————————–+———–+———-+——— backend_type | text | | | object | text | | | context | text…

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Oct 042023

It’s a cloudy Wednesday evening in Durham and around three dozen activists, community organizers, and concerned citizens are packed into a meeting room of the Main Library. A dry erase board is covered with assorted community announcements (National Lawyers Guild week of action, a labor protest in Charlotte, free markets in Durham and Carrboro). All eyes are on a screen’s black background and white capital letters, which reads “Block Cop City: November Weekend of Action”. Cop City refers to the years-long struggle in Atlanta over the planned construction of a $95 million police training facility on 85 acres of forest in the southeastern part of the city. The City of Atlanta first approved plans for the facility…

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Oct 042023

Project Nessie named in the antitrust suit, alleging Bezos’s bunch pulled in an extra billion-plus

A redacted portion of the US Federal Trade Commission’s antitrust lawsuit against Amazon last week has come to light, and with it more details of a secret pricing algorithm known as “Project Nessie” – which the FTC argued has “no valid and cognizable justification” other than an attempt to stifle competition. …

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Oct 042023

Washington, D.C. – A group of 50 activists and Vermont constituents staged a sit-in inside Senator Bernie Sanders’ office on Wednesday, demanding the senator to call for peace and diplomacy in Ukraine instead of more weapons and war. The sit-in resulted in the arrest of 11 activists, including an 89-year-old CODEPINK peace activist.
The group was joined by Green Party Presidential Candidate Dr. Cornel West in the Senate lobby for a prayer vigil before the sit-in. The prayer vigil and sit-in were part of a week of action that included an antiwar rally on Tuesday night featuring Dr. West, Dietrich Bonhoeffer Chair at Union Theological Seminary; Claudia de la Cruz, Co-Executive Director of The People’s Forum; Lee Camp, American comedian,…

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Oct 032023

ShotSpotter has long presented itself as a reliable detector of gunshots. Mileage, however, has varied. Law enforcement customers that have gotten disgruntled with this limited service have pointed out — en route to terminated contracts — that (a) detected gunshots are not always gunshots, (b) detected gunshots are rarely useful intel, and (c) detecting gunshots rarely results in less gun-related crime.
The law enforcement agencies that still buy into ShotSpotter like it for other reasons. They like the fact that minimally-trained “analysts” will alter reports to provide cops with post facto justification for their actions. They like the “reasonable suspicion” ShotSpotter’s shot detection supposedly provides — justification for stopping and searching anyone in the area of a…

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