Oct 132023

The InterPlanetary File System, more broadly known as IPFS, has been around for the past eight years.
While the name may sound otherworldly to the public at large, the peer-to-peer file storage network has a growing user base among the tech-savvy.
In short, IPFS is a decentralized network where users make files available to each other. The system makes websites censorship resistant and not vulnerable to regular hosting outages.
These advantages allow archivists, content creators, researchers, and many others to reliably distribute large volumes of data over the Internet. These same features also appeal to pirate sites, and several have actively started to embrace the technology to bypass censors.
Publishers Share IPFS Concerns
This week, IPFS was repeatedly mentioned by…

External feed Read More at the Source: https://torrentfreak.com/pirate-sites-exploit-interplanetary-file-system-gateways-publishers-warn-231013/


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