Feb 022021

The corporate media has focused on Biden’s promise to overturn many of former-President Trump’s policies. But Biden pledged throughout his campaign to make “no substantial change” — and his foreign policy appointments show he meant that. Despite the media talk of justice, new policy and diversity, behind the scenes the same old U.S. militarist policies are being reinforced through Biden’s cabinet choices and their direct ties to industry-funded think tanks and military contractors.  Biden’s cabinet…

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Feb 022021

*Facebook is banning leftwing users like me — and it’s going largely unnoticed.* It seems to be yet another case of false balance. When right-wing fanatics are attacking the Capitol, false balance takes the worst thing progressives are doing, and arbitrarily treat that as equivalent to attacking the Capitol.

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Feb 022021

The on-demand grocery delivery service Dumpling, which advertises itself as an “ethical” alternative to Instacart, had a lot going for it this summer: a rapidly growing base of loyal couriers; a worker-controlled pay model; glowing press coverage at a time when other gig economy companies faced worker-led strikes and protests against exploitative tipping policies and poverty wages.  “We’re the personal and ethical alternative to big name grocery delivery services,” Dumpling posted on Facebook in May…

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Feb 022021

There’s an idea that pops up every so often among people who are upset about misinformation online but don’t actually understand the realities of online communities and the dynamics of how it all works: it’s the idea that “anonymity” is the root cause of many of the internet’s problems. We’ve spent years debunking this, though it’s been nearly a decade since there was a previous focus on this issue — and it’s now coming back.…

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Feb 022021

A few days ago, a friend asked if I’d ever heard of the “Digital Creators Coalition,” an apparently new group that claimed to be representing independent artists. I was unfamiliar with it, and its website provided basically no information about who was actually behind it, beyond this vague statement on its “who we are” page: The Digital Creators Coalition (DCC) is a group of associations, companies and organizations that represent individual creators, independent producers, small-and-medium-size…

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Feb 022021

There is growing support for strike action as Mayor Lori Lightfoot, with the backing of the Biden administration, prepares to retaliate against educators if the Chicago Teachers Union fails to get them back in schools.

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Feb 022021

Yesterday, The New York Times reported that The Lincoln Project (Republican anti-Trump group) co-founder, John Weaver, 61, has been accused by 21 young men of unsolicited online sexual messages over the years. One was only 14-years-old when Weaver first sent him messages, asking the boy about his body. — Read the rest

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Feb 022021

Adding Serial API, Web NFC support, richer human interface device support Google has released a beta of Chrome 89, adding further hardware interaction APIs even though Mozilla and Apple consider many of these features harmful, as well as introducing a desktop-sharing API for Windows and Chrome OS.…

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