Feb 092021

The prosecution of Julian Assange for charges related to his publications of government documents on the whistleblower website Wikileaks poses a grave threat to press freedom, EFF, Freedom of the Press Foundation and other human rights organizations argue. In an open letter published today, we call on President Biden’s acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson to halt the prosecution and the threat of extradition.
The majority of the charges against Assange relate to the Espionage Act, a federal law passed in 1917 designed to punish espionage. The law’s broad language criminalized those who obtain and/or transmit materials related to the national defense (read the text of the law). While the authors of the law may have intended to…

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Feb 092021

NEW YORK—Noting that the structures along the city’s sidewalks had adopted technology that appeared to come from at least 200 years in the future, local restaurant patrons observed Monday that outdoor dining solutions were now the most technologically advanced aspect of human civilization. “Since autumn, patio service…

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Feb 092021

My family got used to the fact that I am not available at beginning of February.
Because of my FOSDEM trip. This year was not both not so different and different
at same time.
Due to COVID-19 pandemic FOSDEM 2021 was online. So there was no reason for any
trip other than to local shops to buy some Belgian beers. And I was not
available to anyone during weekend.
Online? It will be terrible!
During 2020 I attended several online events. For some of them I prefer to not
remember that I did it. Terrible recordings of talk, some had bandwidth issues.
On some organizers did not managed to get presenters agree on online presence so
some meetings had to be dropped when they were supposed to start.
Matrix to the rescue

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Feb 092021

Quite a few managers or clients expect DBAs to type away a few commands to fix a sluggish PostgreSQL instance. If only things were that simple. Unfortunately, debugging a sluggish instance that was previously running optimally requires analysis at many levels. In this blog, I will attempt to help that debugging process on Linux by identifying tools, tips and tricks that one can use when digging away a performance issue. I thought I could cover all the relevant topics in a single blog, but there is just far too much to write, so expect a series instead and this blog to be the first in the series of blogs. Remember, a lot of things can go…

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Feb 092021

Photograph Source: daveynin – CC BY 2.0
For six years, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) fought the Mountain Valley Pipeline’s proposal to dig under the Appalachian Trail for its 303-mile natural gas pipeline.
Then last year, the ATC announced that it was taking up to $19.5 million from Mountain Valley Pipeline.
Predictably, the ATC’s active opposition to the pipeline ceased.
This did not sit well with the Appalachian Trail community, including many active ATC members who quit the group in protest.
Now, those members and others are calling on the ATC to release the secret agreement with Mountain Valley Pipeline.
Many ATC members like Dr. Dana Olson, who lives right next to the trail in Peterstown, West Virginia, was not happy with…

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