Jun 042024

Kind of an odd bit of Fourth Amendment jurisprudence here, given all the factors. (h/t FourthAmendment.com)
Obviously, some conversations have an expectation of privacy, even when they’re held in police interrogation rooms. Those would be ones between the suspect and their legal representation. But that’s not really a Fourth Amendment issue as it is about privileged communications. The government isn’t allowed to eavesdrop on suspects as they work on a legal defense and/or make statements to their lawyer.
Then there’s the assumption that pretty much everything a cop would like to listen to is recorded, starting with anything said in interrogation rooms (minus attorney-client communications) and ending with phone calls placed from jail phones. (On the other hand,…

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Jun 042024

Version 2.4.0 of the LyX
document processor has been released. LyX is a “What You See Is What You
” (WYSIWYM) application that offers GUI editing of LaTeX
documents with import and export to PDF, HTML, OpenDocument, Word, and
other formats. LyX 2.4.0 is the first major release in six years, and
brings support for EPUB, DocBook 5, improved
table styles, and now uses Unicode (utf8) as its default encoding. See
the full list of new
features on the LyX wiki, and release
for information on known issues and caveats for those
upgrading from earlier versions of LyX.

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