Jun 282022

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An unusually advanced hacking group has spent almost two years infecting a wide range of routers in North America and Europe with malware that takes full control of connected devices running Windows, macOS, and Linux, researchers reported on Tuesday.
So far, researchers from Lumen Technologies’ Black Lotus Labs say they’ve identified at least 80 targets infected by the stealthy malware, infecting routers made by Cisco, Netgear, Asus, and DayTek. Dubbed ZuoRAT, the remote access Trojan is part of a broader hacking campaign that has existed since at least the fourth quarter of 2020 and continues to operate.
A high level of sophistication
The discovery of custom-built malware written for the MIPS architecture…

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Jun 242022

Rate hikes will do nothing to bring down fuel and food prices, as Powell acknowledged in his testimony to Congress, but are aimed at suppressing the growing wages movement of the working class.

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Jun 242022

The saga of Ed Sheeran and the copyright case over his Shape of You song may finally be coming to a close. The case, brought by Sami Chokri, was very thin, largely centering on a two-word refrain line repeated 3 times both Sheeran’s song and Chokri’s Oh Why. Sheeran prevailed, with the court stating that there was absolutely nothing to suggest that Sheeran was influenced, even subconsciously, by Chokri’s song. After the win, Sheeran noted publicly how dumb this all is and how dangerous the culture of settlement-seeking copyright lawsuits has become for the creative industries. It’s bad enough, apparently, that Sheeran has stated he now video records all creative sessions so that those videos can…

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Jun 242022

The North Carolina Green Party has received information that an organized Democratic Party group has the list of persons who signed the 2022 Green Party ballot access petition, and Democrats are phoning the signers and asking them to retract their signatures. It is too late for the Green Party to be adding any new signers. The counties have already checked the signatures and the Green Party has enough valid signatures. There is no provision in the North Carolina election code for signers to retract their signatures from a party petition.

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Jun 202022

Have you noticed the new formula of every Netflix / Amazon / whatever streaming “genre” show?

  • Ep 1 + 2: The Mystery.
  • Ep 3 – 6: Fambly and Crying.
  • Ep 6: Mild cliffhanger.
  • Ep 7: DEEP FLASHBACK: prequel episode exposits the entire mythology.
  • Ep 8: Resolve Ep 6, but set up several more cliffhangers for a Season 2 that’s probably not going to happen.

Seriously, it feels like this Episode Seven hack has been in almost every series I’ve watched in the last several years.

Once you see it, you won’t be able to un-see it. I’m sorry.


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Jun 202022

If Russia were persecuting a whistleblower like Julian Assange, the US would rightly condemn it as authoritarian abuse. But because that persecution is backed by the US, the mainstream media and American politicians are fine with it.
LONDON, ENGLAND — Supporters of Julian Assange protest outside the Old Bailey as the extradition hearing for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange resumes on September 7, 2020. (Guy Smallman / Getty Images) In the authoritarian political system that exists in Russia, it can be very hard to learn the truth about what the government is up to, let alone force it to change its behavior or obtain any sort of justice for its crimes. This…

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Jun 202022

Do you have a good pension? Do you have any pension at all? Back in 1975, most Americans who worked for established employers could say that they do indeed have a decent pension. Back then, what the experts call “defined-benefit” pension plans set the standard. If you worked for a company with one of these More

The post Can We Ever Retire to Greater Equality? appeared first on CounterPunch.org.

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May 222022

The May 22 Sacramento Bee, the largest newspaper in California’s capital city, has an op-ed advocating that the California top-two system be abolished. It is by Steve Maviglio, a Democrat, and Ron Nehring, a Republican. Here is a link, but it is behind a paywall. It demonstrates that the top-two system has not helped moderates to get elected, and points out that the California legislature is still one of the most polarized in the nation. It lists instances when a major party incumbent sponsored advertisements referring to that incumbent’s most feared opponent in a way to boost another potential opponent who would be weaker.
It doesn’t mention the flaw that the system has blocked all minor party…

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May 222022

Congress wrote a pandemic relief law that excluded Live Nation and companies like it. But the Small Business Administration gave nearly $19 million to Live Nation subsidiaries or companies in which it has a significant investment.”When we wrote this, we specifically didn’t want these publicly traded companies — Live Nation foremost among them — to get their hands on this money,” said Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.), a key co-sponsor of the relief legislation. “I did not want Live Nation getting a nickel.”Live Nation as a parent company did not directly receive any money from the program, but the government relief to its subsidiaries still protected its investments and improved its long-term outlook […] One of the…

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May 172022

This article says that Alaska Democrats worry that in the June11 primary for U.S. House, no Democrat will place in the first four slots. The law, passed by the voters in November 2020 and being used for the first time next month, says the top four primary candidates are the only ones that can get on the general election ballot. Polls are suggesting that Republican Nick Begich and Sarah Palin, and independent Al Gross, will be in the top four. The fourth-place finisher is tough to predict, but independent candidate Santa Claus has a miniscule lead.

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May 172022

While accessory dwelling units are a valuable tool to add more rental housing, they also come with limitations.

The post Why ADUs Can’t Solve the Nation’s Housing Crisis appeared first on Shelterforce.

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May 162022

Fine-print crucially deemed contractual agreement as well as copyright license in smartTV source-code case

The Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) has won a significant legal victory in its ongoing effort to force Vizio to publish the source code of its SmartCast TV software, which is said to contain GPLv2 and LGPLv2.1 copyleft-licensed components.…

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May 052022

I was unaware that the Unicode Consortium is the standards body with authority over Astrology and the Zodiac.Objects orbiting the Sun outside the orbit of Neptune are named after mythological figures, particularly those associated with creation. But the subset that orbit in a two-to-three resonance with Neptune — the so-called “plutinos”, such as Pluto and Orcus — are named after figures associated with the underworld. In this case, the five TNOs, ordered by distance from the sun, are named:Orcus: the Etruscan and Roman god of the underworld. Haumea: the Hawaiian goddess of fertility; the telescope used to discover this object is located on Hawaiʻi. Quaoar: an important mythological figure of the Tongva, the indigenous…

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Apr 152022

Biden’s charge of “genocide” in Ukraine is a political provocation consciously aimed at whipping up a public hysteria to legitimize a massive escalation of the war, including the full-scale, open participation by the United States.

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Apr 062022

On April 6, the California Assembly Elections Committee heard AB 2808, the bill to prohibit charter cities and counties from using ranked choice voting. In California, committees vote on bills immediately after the testimony. There was a great deal of testimony against the bill. Afterwards, no member of the committee moved that the bill pass, which wasn’t surprising, because all but one member of the committee criticized the bill. Technically the bill isn’t defeated (because no vote was taken) but it seems obvious the bill is dead.

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Apr 062022

Copyright filters are having a bit of a moment in Washington D.C. The Copyright Office is moving ahead with a process to determine what, if anything, constitutes a standard technical measure (STM) that platforms would have to accommodate. And, if that proves too onerous, Congress has Big Content’s back with the Strengthening Measures to Advance Rights Technologies Copyright Act.
This filter mandate bill would task the Copyright Office with designating technical measures (DTMs instead of STMs) that internet services must use to address copyright infringement. Both the Copyright Office proceeding and this bill have the potential to result in the same thing: more copyright filters.
For those who make and share things online, be it through scripted and…

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Mar 302022

Enlarge / A vial of COMIRNATY (Pfizer/BioNTech) and a vial of Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. (credit: Getty | Marcos del Mazo)
The mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines made by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna have proven highly effective at priming our immune systems to fight the pandemic coronavirus—preventing substantial amounts of infection, severe disease, and death throughout several waves of variants. But, despite their similar design and efficacy, the two vaccines are not exactly the same—and our immune systems don’t respond to them in the same way.
An early hint of this was some real-world data that found startling differences in the effectiveness of the two vaccines, despite both shots performing nearly identically in Phase III clinical trials—95 percent…

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Mar 302022

Radosław Miernik has a post that’s another paean to RSS. He explains what RSS is, how it works, and its advantages to the reader. It’s mostly used to track blog entries but its application is actually broader. Basically any site that posts periodic content can offer an RSS feed to alert their readers when there’s something new.
Miernik uses the free version of Feedly, which, he says, works well for him because he doesn’t need to search the entries or interface his reader to other applications. For Emacs users who do want those capabilities, the very best choice I know of is Elfeed. You can manage, read, classify, and search your feeds directly from Emacs. As I’ve…

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