Jun 012021

A May 23 report prepared by the human rights organization Justicia y Paz stated that fascistic paramilitary groups, which operate in concert with the far-right and US-backed regime of Colombian President Ivan Duque, have created torture sites and mass graves in an attempt to suppress protests in the city of Cali, which has been the epicenter of continuing countrywide demonstrations.

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Jun 012021

Postgres has had “JSON” support for nearly 10 years now. I put JSON in quotes because well, 10 years ago when we announced JSON support we kinda cheated. We validated JSON was valid and then put it into a standard text field. Two years later in 2014 with Postgres 9.4 we got more proper JSON support with the JSONB datatype. My colleague @will likes to state that the B stands for better. In Postgres 14, the JSONB support is indeed getting way better. I’ll get into this small but pretty incredible change in Postgres 14 in just a minute, first though it is worth some summary disclaimer on the difference between JSON and JSONB. JSON still exists…

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Jun 012021

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Canadian telco monopolists run the show: The CRTC just put Teksavvy out of business.

Google cheats on location privacy: Part of the attribution con.

The antitrust case against Prime: The dotted line to higher prices.

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Canadian telco monopolists run the show (permalink)
If there’s one lesson you’d hope governments would take away from the pandemic and the lockdown, it’s that good internet policy – universal access at fair prices, managed in the public interest – is a prerequisite for all good policy.
Canada didn’t get the memo.
Last week, the CRTC – Canada’s telecoms regulator – released its long-awaited decision on the wholesale prices paid…

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