Jul 302021

A devastating increase in COVID-19 cases is sweeping across the US, driven both by the Delta variant and the ongoing criminal response of the ruling elite to the pandemic.

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Jul 212021

The court ruling was the result of over two weeks of court battles and appeals by Republican Governor Larry Hogan’s administration after two lawsuits filed June 30 opposed the order cutting off enhanced benefits.

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Jul 212021

‘Who knows how he may be received…’

Audacity’s new owner Muse Group has been accused of threatening to land a developer in legal hot water, a move that could result in the programmer being forced to return to China to face a government of which he has been a vocal critic.…

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Jul 212021

Photo by Rory Mitchell, The Mercantile, 2020 – CC by 4.0 (L-R) Brewster Kahle, Tamiko Thiel, Carl Feynman at Thinking Machines, May 1985. Photo courtesy of Tamiko Thiel. A Library of Everything As a young man, I wanted to help make a new medium that would be a step forward from Gutenberg’s invention hundreds of years before.  By building a Library of Everything in the digital age, I thought the opportunity was not just to make it available to everybody in the world, but to make it better–smarter than paper. By using computers, we could make the Library not just searchable, but organizable; make it so that you could navigate your way through millions, and maybe…

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Jul 202021

Urban crime is the golden child of local media, as recent FAIR coverage (6/21/21) has shown. But as FAIR’s Julie Hollar recently noted, the amount of attention given to a topic does not always reflect the seriousness of the situation.
The original KGO report (6/15/21) that sparked hundreds of followup stories.
An alleged “crime surge” at Walgreens drugstores in San Francisco was a hot topic for Bay Area news outlets in the early months of 2021. When Lyanne Melendez, a reporter for the ABC-owned KGO-TV in San Francisco, tweeted out a cellphone video of a brazen shoplifter, it elevated this narrative into a nationwide story. The video purports to show a man apparently filling a garbage bag with…

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Jul 142021

Just because government officials may not like the tone of the criticism they’re receiving doesn’t mean they can use their government power to mandate civility. That’s the determination of the Sixth Circuit Appeals Court, which has struck down part of an Ohio school board’s rules of (public) engagement.

Following a school shooting in 2016, the Madison (OH) Local School District came up with a preventative plan — one that involved allowing school staff to carry concealed weapons. This didn’t play well with some parents. It also didn’t play well with some of the district’s students, who staged a walkout to protest gun violence. Following the discipline of those students, some residents decided to attend a school board…

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Jul 092021

The US Defense Department has canceled the cloud computing solicitation known as JEDI and replaced it with a request for a more advanced IT platform that will enable imperialist warfare to be fought with artificial intelligence and unprecedented information gathering and processing power.

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