Jan 182020

This piece originally appeared on Fast Company. In 2019, we proved face recognition surveillance isn’t inevitable. Now, it’s time for Congress to rein in the technology once and for all. Last year, communities banded together to prove that they can — and will — defend their privacy rights. As part of ACLU-led campaigns, three California cities — San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland — as well as three Massachusetts municipalities — Somerville, Northhampton, and Brookline —…

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Jan 182020

Years ago, Andrew Kennedy published a foundational paper about a type checker for units of measure, and later implemented it for F#. To this day, F# is the only mainstream programming language which provides first class support to make sure that you will not accidentally confuse meters and feet, euros and dollars, but that you can still convert between watts·hours and joules. I decided to see whether this could be implemented in and for Rust.…

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Jan 182020

Over 21,000 people, 660 organizations, and now six Members of Congress have asked ICANN, the organization that regulates the Internet’s domain name system, to halt the $1.135 billion deal that would hand control over PIR, the .ORG domain registry, to private equity. There are crucial reasons this sale is facing significant backlash from the nonprofit and NGO communities who make the .ORG domain their online home, and perhaps none of them are more concerning than…

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Jan 182020

In September 2009, over 3,000 bee enthusiasts from around the world descended on the city of Montpellier in southern France for Apimondia — a festive beekeeper conference filled with scientific lectures, hobbyist demonstrations, and commercial beekeepers hawking honey. But that year, a cloud loomed over the event: bee colonies across the globe were collapsing, and billions of bees were dying. Bee declines have been observed throughout recorded history, but the sudden, persistent and abnormally high annual…

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Jan 162020

When Juliet Eldred launched a Facebook group called New Urbanist Memes For Transit-Oriented Teens in 2017, she figured it might last a few months. Sharing irreverent memes about public transit, mixed-use housing, and other city planning fodder was just a way to blow off steam with friends as a geography major at the University of Chicago.But NUMTOT lasted well past her graduation. Fueled by attention from increasingly influential media organizations, the group now counts more…

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Jan 162020

WASHINGTON—Calling their bombshell report incredibly damning, CNN revealed Thursday that Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has been knowingly running a campaign to become president of a country with a long history of sexism. “This new evidence proves beyond a doubt that Bernie Sanders strongly wants to lead a nation…Read more…

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Jan 102020

We’ve pointed out for years that there’s always been some level of confusion about the boundaries of the “non-commercial” tag on a Creative Commons license. There are lots of things that are kind of fuzzy about it. Does it mean you just can’t sell the work? Or does it mean you can’t even use it on a website if that website has ads on it? Indeed, we’ve worried that the non-commercial license created a bit…

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Jan 102020

SolidarityBy Linda Thompson and Steve BloomJanuary/February 2020 issue PROSPECTS FOR SOCIALISM are off in the future. The 2020 presidential election is here and now, and confronts us with a right-wing menace unlike any that has been faced before. When asked what our goals are in the 2020 elections the majority of left activists in the USA will say: “to defeat Donald Trump.” Many are even more specific: “We are Bernie or Bust.” If we are…

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Jan 102020

This week, the Communications Workers of America — one of the largest industrial unions in the country — launched the Campaign to Organize Digital Employees (CODE), which seeks to unionize people working for game and tech companies. The CWA forged an alliance with the grassroots labor group Game Workers Unite (a similar deal was struck in Toronto between the CWA and the local GWU chapter). Two fulltime CWA staffers are charged with assisting tech and…

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Jan 022020

On December 31, U.S. District Court Judge Loretta Biggs, an Obama appointee, struck down North Carolina’s law requiring voters at the polls to show certain kinds of ID, or else to vote provisionally. North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP v Cooper, m.d., 1:18cv-1034. Here is the 60-page opinion. The case had been filed in 2018.

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Jan 012020

(Someone stumbled upon my 2010 decade retrospective post and suggested I write a followup…) This has been a big decade for me. Ten years ago, I’d been in an increasingly stale job for several years too long. I was tired of living in the city, and had a yurt as a weekend relief valve. I had the feeling a big change was coming. Four months on and I quit my job, despite the ongoing financial…

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