Jan 302020

On Tuesday, January 28, 2020, the Trump Administration revealed its vision for an Israel-Palestine peace plan. The proposed two-state solution would leave the state of Palestine completely surrounded by Israel, with tunnels connecting different sections. The “deal” was brokered in part by Jared Kushner. I put “deal” in quotes because no actual Palestinian humans were included in the conversations. This, to me, seems like a poor approach to solving such a famously contentious issue. Of…

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Jan 302020

Introduction I recently did some work with a customer who had some strange behavior happening in his database. When I asked for his logs, I found that each line had a message, and just one timestamp prefixed to it. In other words, he had log_line_prefix = ‘%t ‘. This made it hard for me to figure out who did what, especially as his database was serving many clients and applications. It got me thinking, and…

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