Jan 192020

New York’s luxury real-estate market has been in freefall for years, and now the city’s super-luxe buildings are sitting empty — even as property prices in the city remain stubbornly high, prompting 300 New Yorkers to move out of the city every day, and filling the homeless shelters to capacity and beyond. New York — like most overpriced cities — has failed to build enough low- and middle-income housing of the sort that people use…

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Jan 192020

(credit: Jason Riedy / Flickr) Forensic evidence shows signs that a Georgia election server may have been hacked ahead of the 2016 and 2018 elections by someone who exploited Shellshock, a critical flaw that gives attackers full control over vulnerable systems, a computer security expert said in a court filing on Thursday. Shellshock came to light in September 2014 and was immediately identified as one of the most severe vulnerabilities to be disclosed in years.…

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Jan 192020

The recent scandal alleging that Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren a woman couldn’t beat Trump captured attention for days. The manufactured narrative shows how the media repeats cynical, bad-faith attacks until they get seen as fact. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders speak as Tom Steyer looks on after the Democratic presidential primary debate at Drake University on January 14, 2020 in Des Moines, Iowa. Scott Olson / Getty If you’re paying attention to…

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Jan 192020

The Brennan Center for Justice has released this 8-page analysis, rebutting the claims of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo that if New York installs public funding for candidates for state office, it needs to toughen ballot access to save money. Also, the Campaign Finance Institute, which supports public funding, also studied the same issue. Its 39-page report comes to the same conclusion, that there is no need to make ballot access more difficult. The Campaign…

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Jan 192020

Curious about past computer architectures? Software engineer [Fabien Sanglard] has been experimenting with porting Another World, an action-adventure platformer, to different machines and comparing the results in his “Polygons of Another World” project. The results are pretty interesting. Due to the game’s polygon-based graphics, optimizations vary widely across different architectures, with tricks allowing the software to run on hardware released five years before the game’s publication. The consoles explored are primarily from the early ’90s,…

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