May 092013

Trellis Flaw

So, the last few weeks have been exciting, at least in the garden. First, I realized that 1/2″ EMT was probably not going to be sufficient for the load squash and melons would put the trellis under. Tomatoes? Most assuredly… but the sag when loading it with even 40lbs was just a bit much for me. So, I upgraded the squash and melon sides to 1/2″ rigid conduit. Since the dimensions of my trellis are kind of hacky, I cut a 10′ tube in half using the current EMT as a guide. The unthreaded end I had to insert into 3/4″ EMT set screw connectors… so I had to replace the elbows with 1″ elbows and couplings to 3/4″ threaded pvc (the set screw connectors screwed nicely in place, better than the 1/2″ ones did). The threaded end screwed right into the 1/2″ threaded pvc.

Still not sure if the trellis will hold up, but we’ll see!


There are still a few more things to plant… we had to get another bale of Pro-Mix for bpt’s lettuce buckets, and now I can’t stop myself from trying to grow even more things.

I guess we’re down to wrapping up the trellis, constructing the platforms to keep the containers off of the deck, and hacking together some kind of protection from deer…

CC BY-ND 4.0 The Garden Nears Completion, Now for the Hard Part… by clinton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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