Apr 022024

The US cannot assure Britain that that the First Amendment will apply to Julian Assange outside
the US, because an old Supreme Court decision says it does not. This probably means that
Assange’s last appeal will proceed, and go on for a long time during the US election campaign.

The article contends that Biden’s interest, as well as justice, argues for
dropping the charges
against Assange.

To ask (even rhetorically) whether Assange has been “punished enough” is to normalize
horrible abuse. The conditions that Assange has suffered in Belmarsh prison are too cruel even
for the worst criminals. No one should be
kept alone in a cell
for 23 hours a day.
Giving Assange a plea bargain would be better than trying him as
a spy,…

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Apr 022024

Facial recognition tech is probably improving as time goes on. Given enough providers, controversy, and individuals who definitely want this tech to stop being so terrible at correctly identifying women and minorities, anything is possible.
Rather than wait for the tech to catch up to the promises made by promotional materials, cops are apparently moving ahead with efforts that will cause even more problems for future tech adoption.
We’re already afflicted by at least one tech company that believes it’s perfectly OK to stock its database of billions of photos with any content not locked down on the internet. Beyond that, there’s the problems inherent to the systems themselves, which aggravate biased policing by doing their most…

External feed Read More at the Source: https://www.techdirt.com/2024/04/01/because-facial-recognition-tech-just-isnt-sketchy-enough-cops-are-now-running-searches-using-ai-generated-faces/

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