Jun 292022

End of another era as former DEC facility faces demolition

As Intel gets ready to build fabs in Arizona and Ohio, the x86 giant is planning to offload a 149-acre historic research and development site in Massachusetts that was once home to the company’s only chip manufacturing plant in New England.…

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Jun 292022

The terrible, awful, no good, horrible plans to regulate the internet keep coming faster and furiouser these days. So, it’s worth remembering a time back when Congress passed one of the worst laws about the internet: the Communications Decency Act. Yes, these days we talk about the CDA more reverently, but that’s only because we’re talking about the one part of it that wasn’t declared unconstitutional: Section 230. Section 230, of course, was never even supposed to be a part of the CDA in the first place. It was crafted by then Representatives Chris Cox and Ron Wyden as an alternative approach to the ridiculousness that was coming out of Senator James Exon in the Senate.

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Jun 292022

Life might have existed on Mars billions of years ago, when the planet was wetter and warmer. This is why NASA’s Perseverance rover is tasked with collecting samples that might contain the fossilized remains of any ancient Martians, if they existed.  However, even if Martian fossils once littered the planet’s surface, those traces have likely been obliterated by eons of cosmic radiation, according to the first experiment that has ever mixed amino acids, the building blocks of life, with simulated Martian soil.  A team led by Alexander Pavlov, a space scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, found that amino acids located in the top 10 centimeters (four inches) of the Martian surface would likely be…

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Jun 292022

WASHINGTON—In a controversial 6-3 decision regarding religious freedom, the Supreme Court ruled Monday that public school teachers were allowed to lead students on Crusades to win back the Holy Land for Christians. “Because the First Amendment guarantees the free exercise of religion, all school employees have the…

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Jun 292022

Ukraine’s legislature has passed a law to ban the importation of
printed books written in Russian. It will also ban the printing in Ukraine
of writing by post-1991 Russians. Both of these restrictions are harmful and wrong.

The most popular or important classic books in Russian may be printed
in Ukraine, but a far larger number of important works of literature,
science or scholarship will not be available to Ukrainians unless they
leave the country. Even if we consider only the works of practical
use, such as textbooks and reference books, Ukraine with its smaller
population will not have produced comparable replacements in Ukrainian.

The “Culture” minister showed his lack of appreciation of literature
by referring to books as “creative product” and “content.”

In addition to…

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Jun 292022

This excellent Stateline article explains many reasons why petitioning has become more difficult in the last few years. Thanks to Eric Wong for the link.

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