Jun 152020

griffincandey:So, the bar I work at opened back up last night, and I gotta say, y’all: Just fucking don’t go to restaurants right now. Just don’t do it.I understand that people want to support restaurants that they love, but there’s a level of nonchalance here that really betrays how poorly America is dealing with this pandemic.America has a considerably higher rate of COVID cases and fatalities in relation to our population than most other countries.…

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Jun 152020

In the previous post I briefly mentioned ongoing work about adding interactive train station and airport maps to KDE Itinerary. Here are some more details on what this is about. Goals Some of the public transport backend services actually provide links to images or PDF files with a map for all stops or stations involved in a journey, showing those would be fairly straightforward and would even give us the official maps of the corresponding…

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Jun 152020

On June 12, the U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit, issued a 13-page opinion in Level the Playing Field v Federal Election Commission, 19-5117. The decision says the Commission’s policy of limiting the general election debates to candidates who are at 15% at the polls in September does not violate any federal campaign laws. The ruling says, “American politics has, for most of American history, been organized around two parties.” The ruling says the 15%…

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Jun 152020

Language matters – though replacing ‘blacklist’ with ‘blocklist’ is a pain when you’re listing blocks, apparently GitHub will drop the term “master” as the default branch name from its hosted repositories in response to protests about ingrained racism.…

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Jun 152020

CHICAGO—In response to nationwide protests regarding police brutality and racial discrimination, food conglomerate Quaker Oats announced Friday that after 130 years, it would replace its historically racist Aunt Jemima mascot with a black female lawyer who enjoys pancakes from time to time. “The time has come to…Read more…

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Jun 142020

Hurricane Electric (HE) is one of the major network providers on the global Internet. The company operates the largest IPv6 backbone which facilitates Internet connectivity to people all over the world. Unlike consumer ISPs, HE mainly provides its services to large organizations – some of which are ISPs themselves – that have thousands of customers, or are customers of customers. Somewhere down this line, there may be people who abuse their Internet connections by using…

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Jun 142020

The police were first created to suppress labor militancy and the Left, before becoming a tool to bludgeon the most marginalized in society, particularly poor black people. We must dismantle this brutal instrument of social control. Police officers block a road on the fourth day of protests on May 29, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Scott Olson / Getty The police are out of control. They murder unarmed, poor, disproportionately nonwhite people with near total impunity.…

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Jun 142020

A few years back, at a Santa Clara University event about Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, I remember (then) 9th Circuit chief judge Alex Kozinski noting with some amount of pleasure that he was relieved to hear from one of the two authors of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (former Rep. Chris Cox, who was in attendance at the event) that his opinions on 230 were exactly what Cox intended. Paraphrasing…

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Jun 142020

Last week, [Danal Estes] passed away. This comes as a shock to many of us who had the pleasure of interacting with him online. Not only was [Danal] an active contributor to the 3D printing community, he was simply a warm-hearted character who was just fun to get along with. I met [Danal] online less than a year ago. But I owe him a debt in helping transform a set of design files that I…

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Jun 142020

County Election Office Denied Access to Election DatabaseThe Supervisor of Election, as defined by Florida statutes, is the custodian of all election documents and records, from voter registration to candidate filings and election results. So, you can imagine my surprise when a senior election office official acknowledged that while they maintain custody of the Microsoft SQL Server database where all votes are recorded, no one in the office can log into the database or query…

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Jun 102020

“The answer may surprise you.”Today I learned that: RealPlayer still exists; RealNetworks is valued at $70 million; They got a $2.8 million Payroll Protection Program loan that they did not give back. The worst gamers of the PPP system are companies you’ve never heard of. Something called Staffing 360 Solutions, who make $500 million a year, somehow got $19 million in PPP loans. Other $10 million loans went out to a video company called Quantum…

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Jun 082020

Stampeding Buffalo thugs pushed an elderly protester to the ground so hard that it wounded his head. One of the thugs tried to help him, but was directed by another thug to go attack another protester instead. Then they lied about what they had done. This calls for firing all the thugs that lied, plus the one who said not to help the fallen protester, but the one that tried to help him deserves some…

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Jun 082020

After brutal police violence failed to stop huge protests against the murder of George Floyd, governments across the country imposed curfews in an attempt to curtail dissent. But protesters have defied the restrictions in mass numbers — and in some cities, forced elected leaders to repeal the curfews. Demonstrators hold up their arms during a protest sparked by the police murder of George Floyd, on May 29, 2020 in Oakland, California. (Justin Sullivan / Getty…

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An Open Letter to the City Council of Raleigh NC

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Jun 062020


At the press conference Friday morning, our mayor passionately stated:

The Raleigh City Council supports our police chief … We have her back now, and we support her.

Raleigh Mayor holds press conference after a week of protests in the city

The council member code of conduct states:

Members should never attempt to express an opinion on an issue as the position of the city unless the full council has endorsed that position.


However, there is no public record of a meeting, motion, vote, or resolution wherein the council declared their support for the police chief. Based upon this it appears that our Mayor violated the council code of conduct, and if the the rules of the council are to mean anything can and should be sanctioned for it. It is hypocritical for the mayor to consistently note when members of the public violate decorum, and to gavel at other members of the council when she deems them in violation, only to go on and do so herself with such a bold affirmation very publicly during a politically tense moment with public confidence in RPD low (an understatement, I suspect). If this is just a misunderstanding, a vote on a resolution of support for our police chief should be held so that each council member enters their view into the public record.

Even after the events of this weekend, the RPD continues to astound with its brazen attacks on their fellow citizens. Friday we learned that the RPD instructed the Wake County Sheriff to serve a warrant unrelated to the RPD’s jurisdiction (certainly not worthy of rousing officers in the middle of the night over) against Conrad James (whose event drew an astounding crowd of three), in the dead of night because he “had caused a nuisance”: merely knocking on the front door of a police station asking that officers pass a list of his demands for reform onward to their chief officer, afterward even having a polite chat with the police chief that happened to make for a diffusing news piece that was nothing but glowing for the police chief and the RPD (the citizen heard! the chief opening her heart and pledging to seek a more perfect justice!).

And then the RPD went on to openly surveil him (speaking his name as a target over public radio bands) during the peaceful marches Friday night, and furthermore openly followed him back to his home as he left well before curfew.

These are clear acts of retribution on the part of RPD that they have openly admitted to intended to have a chilling effect on speech, and for what? Mere participation in a moment of protest? Mild criticism of the police department? Should I be afraid of a knock on my door at three in the morning for sending these letters? Is the RPD running background checks on everyone who called into the meeting Thursday evening in case they have some outstanding warrant or unpaid citation they could be harassed over? Which of us will they next descend upon in the dead of night in their attempt to intimidate the city into silence? There is no going back from this precipice: the mayor and police chief must go, no more of this “if immediate demands are not met” nonsense.

Furthermore, while the curfew may have been legal and justified the first night, at this point it is very clearly unconstitutional on a number of grounds, and grows more problematic with each passing day. The NC ACLU has noted its concern with very similar curfews imposed in Greensboro and High Point, and by the criteria listed in their June 1st article it is clear Raleigh’s curfew fails to pass muster.

This is the latest declaration from our mayor that impinges upon our basic right to free expression, showing a pattern of either fundamental misunderstanding of or outright contempt for the basic law of our land. That upon reflection her only regret is not putting a curfew into place with even less justification makes it feel like contempt is the likelier of the two.

Does the city council really stand for this: For tear gassing peaceful protesters (including at least one member of the city council)? For banally violating the basic civil liberties of Raleigh’s citizens? For allowing the police to terrorize and take vengeance upon anyone who dares question them?

I thought I was cynical, but every day this year is a surprise,

  • Clinton Ebadi, Resident of District D
Jun 052020

We’re witnessing a national police riot that hasn’t showed any signs of slowing. The instances of brutal police violence against protesters are so numerous that it’s hard to keep track of them all — but here are some of the worst abuses we’ve seen. Police confront protesters and members of the media in the rain as demonstrations continue in Manhattan over the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis Police officer on June 3, 2020…

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Jun 052020

The full weight of U.S. policing has descended upon protesters across the country as people take to the streets to denounce the police killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and countless others who have been subjected to police violence. Along with riot shields, tear gas, and other crowd control measures also comes the digital arm of modern policing: prolific surveillance technology on the street and online. For decades, EFF has been tracking police departments’ massive…

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