Jul 202019

For years, the abandoned tower in Pasadena, Texas, has beckoned adventurers. Drone pilots and urban explorers have surveyed the derelict building inside and out. What was once a pledge to the future of this industrial Houston suburb is now a relic from the past.No more. Early on Sunday morning, the city of Pasadena will demolish the First Pasadena State Bank building, its one and only skyscraper. The 12-story tower is one of only a few…

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Jul 202019

Why do we care about encryption? Why was it a big deal, at least in theory, when Mark Zuckerberg announced earlier this year that Facebook would move to end-to-end encryption on all three of its messaging platforms? We don’t just support encryption for its own sake. We fight for it because encryption is one of the most powerful tools individuals have for maintaining their digital privacy and security in an increasingly insecure world. And although…

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Jul 202019

The Socialist Party will hold its national convention in Newark, New Jersey, on October 18-19, 2019. The party will decide whether or not to run a presidential candidate. The last time it didn’t run anyone for president was 1984. There is some sentiment that the party should not run its own nominee, and instead try to assist Howie Hawkins, who is seeking the Green Party presidential nomination. Hawkins is also a member of the Socialist…

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Jul 202019

A dangerous heat wave is sweeping across two-thirds of the U.S. this weekend, bringing some kind of heat watch or excessive heat warning to nearly 200 million people. Temperatures on Friday pushed into the 90s in several cities, from St. Louis and Chicago in the Midwest to Washington, D.C. and New York City along the East Coast.With stifling humidity, heat index values in many areas soared past 100 degrees Fahrenheit as of 1 p.m. Friday,…

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