Jun 262019

Meanwhile, staff face cuts – and doesnotexist.com may not exist by next year Oracle is sharpening its ax for the Dyn networking biz it acquired in 2016, with plans to slash jobs and switch off services.…

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Jun 262019

At times over the past two summers, Seattle experienced some of the worst air quality in the world. With wildfires breaking out in British Columbia, Oregon, and California, the city was hit by smoke from nearly every direction. It caused increased air pollution for 24 days, and on a few occasions, the air was so bad it was considered “unhealthy for all.”Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and her colleagues are grappling with the possibility that this…

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Jun 262019

Recently I gave a “deep dive” talk on the topic of PostgreSQL security, and I wanted to capture one part of that content into a blog since this format is both better for making that content stand on its own and for expanding on it a bit. Specifically, in this two-part blog, we will cover a PostgreSQL extension that I wrote called crunchy_check_access — the motivation behind it and what it does — and then…

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Jun 262019

If you move as a hardware hacker through the sometimes surprisingly similar world of artists, craftspeople, designers, blacksmiths, and even architects, there’s one piece of work that you will see time and time again as an object that exerts a curious fascination. It seems that designing and building a chair is a rite of passage, and not just a simple chair, but in many cases an interesting chair. An American-made Windsor chair from the turn…

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Jun 262019

Vintage parts may be documented, but that doesn’t mean they’re particularly useful or accessible. If the phrase “eyestrain from unsearchable, badly-scanned PDF datasheets” makes your lower eyelid twitch in sympathy, read on. While [Bald Engineer] was researching how he might make a portable Apple II, he was delighted to find that the vintage components he needed to examine were documented. However, he became frustrated with the seemingly endless number of poor quality PDF scans and…

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