Jun 152019

Sad news for anyone who loves geeky goods and top-notch April Fools’ jokes: ThinkGeek.com, the 20-year-old online retailer known for selling more geek-centric gadgets and peripherals than you could fit in a TARDIS, is going away. According to an FAQ sitting at the top of its site, ThinkGeek isn’t “shutting down,” it just won’t continue on as the site we’ve come to know, instead living on as a shadow of its former self as a…

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Jun 152019

Welcome to the latest installation of “Public Access,” where CityLab shares its favorite videos—old and new, serious and nutty—that tell a story about place.Ah, the sultry promise of a new subway station in a Baltimore summer.It’s July 19, 1987, and there’s a brass band baking in the sun as Maryland dignitaries fan themselves at the grand opening of the latest extension of Baltimore’s Metro. This was to be the first of many additions to the…

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