Feb 042019

As previously noted, on January 11, a Wisconsin state trial court ruled in favor of the Wisconsin Elections Commission and Jill Stein in Elections Systems and Software v Election Commission. The issue was whether Stein’s experts, who are permitted to look at the voting software in connection with Stein’s recount of the 2016 presidential vote, are free to comment on that software afterwards. The trial court had ruled that they may comment, as long as…

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Feb 042019

Braintree Payments uses PostgreSQL as its primary datastore. We rely heavily on the data safety and consistency guarantees a traditional relational database offers us, but these guarantees come with certain operational difficulties. To make things even more interesting, we allow zero scheduled functional downtime for our main payments processing services.Several years ago we published a blog post detailing some of the things we had learned about how to safely run DDL (data definition language) operations…

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Feb 042019

I would never betray the trust of customers, says man perhaps doing exactly that Comment  Some would argue he has broken every ethical and moral rule of his in his profession, but genealogist Bennett Greenspan prefers to see himself as a crime-fighter.…

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