Jul 012023

The most dependable things in life tend to be the things most easily taken for granted. In the piracy ecosystem, that certainly applied to torrent site RARBG.
RARBG was never likely to win any prizes for being the best-looking site with bleeding-edge features. Nor would its operators hope to win any. What the site did was what any indexer of any content should strive for; plenty of well-organized and readily searchable content, all of it supported by ancillary sources of complementary data, with very little downtime and zero drama.
Until the site threw in the towel in May, RARBG met all of these requirements and made it look easy. The decision to shut down obviously came as a…

External feed Read More at the Source: https://torrentfreak.com/over-900-rarbg-magnet-link-repos-anonymously-nuked-from-github-230701/


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