Mar 042022

Anarcat’s “procmail considered harmful” post
convinced me to get my act together and finally migrate my venerable procmail based setup to sieve.
My setup was nontrivial, so I migrated with an intermediate step in which sieve
scripts would by default pipe everything to procmail, which allowed me to
slowly move rules from procmailrc to sieve until nothing remained in
Here’s what I did.
Literature review

Let’s do Dovecot slowly and properly – Part 3: LMTP

has a guide quite aligned with current Debian, and could be a starting point to
get an idea of the work to do. is way more terse, but
more aligned with my intentions. Reading the former helped me in understanding
the latter. has the full Sieve syntax.
has the list of Sieve features supported by Dovecot. has the reference on Dovecot’s
sieve implementation.

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