Oct 152021

Postgres 14 was released
on September 30, 2021. With a new major version comes new features
to explore!
This post takes a look at the unique query id option
enabled with compute_query_id
in postgresql.conf.
This particular backend improvement, included with Postgres 14, is one I am
excited about because it makes investigating and
monitoring query related performance easier.
This post covers how to enable the new feature and explores how it can be used
in real life performance tuning.
Enable query id
For testing I created a new instance with Postgres 14 installed
and edited the postgresql.conf file to change a few configuration options
related to the query id.
I set compute_query_id to on instead of auto
and to allow the pg_stat_statements extension to be loaded.
Additionally, I turn on log_duration, set log_statement…

External feed Read More at the Source: https://postgr.es/p/5bL


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