FeedEx: Pretty Awesome Android Feed Reader

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Jun 012013

When I started reading email on my phone, I found that I finally started keeping up with it since my important folders made my phone buzz at me (IMAP IDLE is great), and it turns out the thing is pretty convenient for reading short bits of text.

I’ve been attempting to read RSS on my phone for almost as long, but without much success. I had been using SparseRSS, but it had a few limitations and couldn’t handle importing the OPML that Akregator exports. But last night the F-Droid repository updated and a fork named FeedEx appeared.

The UI has been updated a bit and it seems to work better in general. It handled the OPML feed from Akregator fine so now I have all of my feeds synced from the master copy. So, thanks to the power of Free Software, I finally have an adequate feed reading experience on my phone…

Just around the time when caring about Internet News as it happens stops being something I need to do, but eh.