Apr 022020

Wow, how convenient On Monday, Amazon fired Chris Smalls, a worker at its Staten Island, New York, warehouse, who had organized a protest demanding more protection for workers amid the coronavirus outbreak.…

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Apr 022020

For a biz that prides itself on not censoring the internet, it sure likes censoring the internet Updated  Cloudflare, known for free speech advocacy, rolled out a self-styled family-friendly variation of its DNS service to block adult content – and ended up denying access to LGBTQ websites and sex education resources.…

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Apr 022020

$5,179 was earned last week at the United States box office. Not $5.179m, not $51.79k, but just over five thousand dollars. It’s the worst week in history for the American theater industry, due to coronavirus restrictions and company policies that all but ended public movie attendance. Okay, did some math. A movie ticket was ~35¢ in the 40s, which means collectively all theatres in America would only need to sell 14.5k tickets in a week…

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