Jul 132024

Logical replication is a powerful feature in PostgreSQL that allows for real-time data replication between databases. It can be used for performing major version upgrades using a blue/green setup where you have two databases, allowing you to test and switch over to a new version with minimal downtime. Logical replication can also be use to facilitate database migrations between different environments, using the same technique and tooling.
In this post, I will describe the process of setting up simple replication and switchover between two databases using pg_easy_replicate.

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Jul 082024

The US Postal Service has been retaining metadata on snail mail for years. Back before mass scanning of every piece of mail was a reality, law enforcement requests had to be a bit more targeted. Investigators had to put in requests that required the postal service to log information about any mail sent to/from certain addresses or between certain addresses.
These days it’s far less complicated. As millions of Americans know, you have the option to have photos of all your incoming mail sent to your email, giving you a glimpse into the very near future in terms of mail service.
More than a decade ago, the technology finally achieved what law enforcement entities have always wanted:…

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Jul 082024

Automated Major Version Upgrades in Percona Operator for PostgreSQLPostgreSQL major versions are released every year, with each release delivering better performance and new features. With such rapid innovation, it is inevitable that there will be a need to upgrade from one version to another. Upgrade procedures are usually very complex and require thorough planning. With the 2.4.0 release of Percona Operator for PostgreSQL, […]

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Jun 282024

Retailers are actively exploring and deploying facial recognition and analysis as part of their security and loss-prevention strategies to safeguard their customers and employees, margins and profitability. Corsight AI provides both face biometrics and computer vision analytics, and has a major new client to showcase its capabilities. Mall of America (MOA) has integrated facial recognition into its security infrastructure, joining forces with Corsight AI to implement its facial recognition system, which MOA lauds for its high accuracy, reliability, and privacy protection. There have been several firearms incidents at MOA over the past several years. The biometric system identifies Persons of Interest (POIs), including banned individuals or those trespassing at the mall, people who may pose…

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Jun 282024

Well, we’ll see how long ShotSpotter/SoundThinking will keep making that New York money. The outlook is not good. A lot of this will depend on how well the NYPD can defend the useless product it’s spending millions on, but at the end of the day, the city still holds the purse strings and it has the power to terminate contracts that simply aren’t worth paying for.
The NYC comptroller performed an audit of the NYPD and ShotSpotter not with the intent of burying them, but simply to determine whether or not the NYPD was paying its bills on time and whether or not ShotSpotter was fulfilling the obligations of its contract.
The answer to both questions…

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Jun 282024

Today, the Supreme Court declined to issue a ruling in Idaho and Moyle, et al. v. United States. Instead, it sent the case back down to the lower courts where anti-abortion extremists will continue to fight to strip pregnant people of the basic right to emergency care, including when their life is at risk.
While the court’s decision temporarily restores the ability of doctors in Idaho to provide emergency abortions required under the federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act —EMTALA— by dismissing the case without affirming once and for all that pregnant people have a right to the emergency abortion care they need to protect their health and lives, the court continues to put pregnant patients…

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Jun 252024

The United States has now, for the first time in the more than 100-year history of the Espionage Act, obtained an Espionage Act conviction for basic journalistic acts. Here, Assange’s Criminal Information is for obtaining newsworthy information from a source, communicating it to the public, and expressing an openness to receiving more highly newsworthy information. This sets a dangerous practical precedent, and all those who value a free press should work to make sure that it never happens again. While we are pleased that Assange can now be freed for time served and return to Australia, these charges should never have been brought.
Additional information about this charge: 

EFF Statement on Assange Indictment and Arrest (April 11,…

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Jun 172024

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy’s extraordinarily misguided and speech-chilling call this week to label social media platforms as harmful to adolescents is shameful fear-mongering that lacks scientific evidence and turns the nation’s top physician into a censor. This claim is particularly alarming given the far more complex and nuanced picture that studies have drawn about how social media and young people’s mental health interact.
The Surgeon General’s suggestion that speech be labeled as dangerous is extraordinary. Communications platforms are not comparable to unsafe food, unsafe cars, or cigarettes, all of which are physical products—rather than communications platforms—that can cause physical injury. Government warnings on speech implicate our fundamental rights to speak, to receive information, and to think. Murthy’s…

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Jun 112024

Iranian authorities have shared more details on the country’s upcoming law introducing facial recognition surveillance against women who fail to wear hijabs. According to the proposed Hijab and Chastity Bill, the police must create “intelligent systems for identifying perpetrators of illegal behavior using tools such as fixed and mobile cameras,” Iran International reports. Another article of the law requires the private sector including banks, transport companies, stores and businesses to upload CCTV footage to the police command of the Islamic Republic of Iran (FARAJA)” to identify violators. “We mandate that all entities, including the private sector to provide their cameras to FARAJA. All cameras must be connected to FARAJA,” says Amir Hossein Bankipour, a member…

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Jun 112024

What’s German for ‘thank goodness for actually useful privacy regulations’?

Meta will start training its AI models using everyone’s social media posts though European Union users can opt out, a luxury the rest of the world won’t enjoy.…

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Jun 072024

Learn how the combination of ORDER BY and LIMIT clauses in PostgreSQL affects query performance, and discover optimization techniques to maintain efficient database performance and fast query responses.

The post Performance impact of using ORDER BY with LIMIT in PostgreSQL appeared first on Stormatics.

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Jun 052024

Enlarge / Hubble Space Telescope above Earth, photographed during STS-125, Servicing Mission 4, May 2009. (credit: NASA)
The venerable Hubble Space Telescope is running out of gyroscopes, and when none are left, the instrument will cease to conduct meaningful science.
To preserve the telescope, which has been operating in space for nearly three and a half decades, NASA announced Tuesday that it will reduce the Hubble’s operations such that it will function on just a single gyroscope. This will limit some scientific operations, and it will take longer to point the telescope to new objects and lock onto them.
But in a conference call with space reporters, Hubble officials stressed that the beloved scientific instrument…

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Jun 052024

It appears that North Carolina will have seven parties on the ballot this year, the most ever.  The previous record was in 1980, when there were six parties on the ballot in North Carolina.  See this story.
The seven are:  Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, Green, Constitution, We the People, and Justice for All.  The latter two were formed by independent presidential candidates.  We the People will nominate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.; Justice for All will nominate Cornel West.
No Labels is also a qualified party in North Carolina, but it won’t appear on the ballot because it isn’t running anyone.  In North Carolina, new parties nominate by convention, and state officials of No Labels will obey the No Labels’…

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Jun 052024

You accelerated multiple times on your way to Yosemite for the weekend. You braked when driving to a doctor appointment. If your car has internet capabilities, GPS tracking or OnStar, your car knows your driving history.
And now we know: your car insurance carrier might know it, too.
In a recent New York Times article, Kashmir Hill reported how everyday moments in your car like these create a data footprint of your driving habits and routine that is, in some cases, being sold to insurance companies. Collection often happens through so-called “safe driving” programs pre-installed in your vehicle through an internet-connected service on your car or a connected car app. Real-time location tracking often starts when you download…

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Jun 042024

Kind of an odd bit of Fourth Amendment jurisprudence here, given all the factors. (h/t FourthAmendment.com)
Obviously, some conversations have an expectation of privacy, even when they’re held in police interrogation rooms. Those would be ones between the suspect and their legal representation. But that’s not really a Fourth Amendment issue as it is about privileged communications. The government isn’t allowed to eavesdrop on suspects as they work on a legal defense and/or make statements to their lawyer.
Then there’s the assumption that pretty much everything a cop would like to listen to is recorded, starting with anything said in interrogation rooms (minus attorney-client communications) and ending with phone calls placed from jail phones. (On the other hand,…

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Jun 042024

Version 2.4.0 of the LyX
document processor has been released. LyX is a “What You See Is What You
” (WYSIWYM) application that offers GUI editing of LaTeX
documents with import and export to PDF, HTML, OpenDocument, Word, and
other formats. LyX 2.4.0 is the first major release in six years, and
brings support for EPUB, DocBook 5, improved
table styles, and now uses Unicode (utf8) as its default encoding. See
the full list of new
features on the LyX wiki, and release
for information on known issues and caveats for those
upgrading from earlier versions of LyX.

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Jun 012024

In this month’s “Notes from the Editors,” the editors confront the myth of Marx’s purported early Prometheanism and later rejection of the growth of productive forces altogether, favoring a “no-growth path to communism.” This ahistorical interpretation has engendered further critique of ecosocialism and degrowth on the part of self-identified productivist writers, who attempt incorrectly to paint degrowth as a Malthusian project, rather than a realistic effort to live within Earth’s planetary capacities. | more…


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May 312024

The American and European imperialist powers are recklessly escalating the war with nuclear-armed Russia towards a global conflagration, which can be halted only through the political mobilisation of the international working class in opposition to imperialist war.

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May 302024

404 Media has a good article explaining the new DOJ suit: The Justice Department’s antitrust lawsuit against Live Nation/Ticketmaster isn’t really about high ticket prices, or ticket scalpers, or any individual offense. It is about a systematic vertical integration of the entire live music business, which has led to the company’s dominance over tickets, yes, but also over live music venues, artists’ tour booking, and concert promotion. […] In simple terms, Live Nation, which owns Ticketmaster, is not just selling fans tickets on Ticketmaster.com. It owns, operates, or has exclusive contracts with the vast majority of midsized and large concert venues, and a supermajority of all outdoor pavilions and amphitheaters. And it has a…

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