Jun 042023

Postgres 16 is hot off the press with the beta release last week. I am really
excited about the new feature that allows logical replication from standbys,
allowing users to:

create logical decoding from a read-only standby
reduce the workload on the primary server
have new ways to achieve high-availability for applications that require data
synchronization across multiple systems or for auditing purposes

A second relevant and exciting new feature coming in 16 is that replication
slots on a given standby persist the promotion of that standby to a primary.
This means that in the event of primary server failure and promotion of a
standby to primary, the replication slots will persist and the former-standby
subscribers will not be affected.
These two together give PostgreSQL a huge boost…

External feed Read More at the Source: https://postgr.es/p/5Lx


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