Oct 122022

The end is nigh! PostgreSQL has
substantially tightened
restrictions on the use of the “public” schema.
Here, a standard login user (not superuser) tries to make a table, as one does:
user=> CREATE TABLE mydata (id integer); ERROR: permission denied for schema public
LINE 1: CREATE TABLE mydata (id integer);

NoooO! Why can I not write a table into public?
For developers and experimenters, one of the long-time joys of PostgreSQL has
been the free-and-easy security policy that PostgreSQL has shipped with for the “public” schema.

“public” is in the default search_path, so you can always find things in it;
any user can create new objects in “public”; so,
“just throw it in public!” has been an easy collaboration trick.

However, for anyone using a database for more…

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