Jan 222022

Reviving and reworking the KRunner help
Currently KRunner does not provide any usage information itself, there
is only an bit of documentation on the user base wiki. Back in the KDE4 days KRunner had
help button, but fundamental changes in the architecture meant that the code could not simply be ported to the current version.

Since the help system required reimplementation, it was decided to implement it as a plugin for KRunner’s powerful plugin infrastructure.
This plugin produces results when one types ? or help. To make this more discoverable a button is added, which
puts the text ? in the search field.

By having it as a plugin it is reusable in every case KRunner is used,
for example the KWin overview effect,…

External feed Read More at the Source: https://write.as/alexander-lohnau/reviving-and-reworking-the-krunner-help


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